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 Vital Care Inc.
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Vital Care Inc.
Vital Care Home Infusion Services is a system of individually owned and operated infusion pharmacies specializing in providing high-tech services to rural and urban patients throughout the United States. With over 120 locations, Vital Care Home Infusion Services can provide fast, efficient, and personalized service in your local community.

Supported by an office staff of specialists in pharmacy, nursing, quality management, marketing, and billing, the owner of your local Vital Care Pharmacy will provide the most progressive infusion services to each and every patient.

Our Coordination Center is located in Meridian, Mississippi, and houses our clinical services department, training center, libraries, marketing department, case management referral center, and billing facilities.

  • Medication Preparation and Dispensing
  • Clinical Pharmacy Assessment and Monitoring
  • Drug/Drug Interaction Monitoring
  • Patient Medication Information
  • In-Home Visits for Patient/Family Teaching
  • Biohazardous Waste Disposal
  • Customized Patient Education Manuals
  • Nursing Staff for Patient Teaching and Assessment(where available)

For more information about Vital Care or to contact us, use the link provided below.

Vital Care Home Infusion Services Vital Care Pharmacy
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 Cardinal Health - Pharmacy Transition Strategy
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Cardinal Health - Pharmacy Transition & Strategy

Since initially launching these services in October 2008, Cardinal Health's Transition Strategy and Management team has worked with more than 125 pharmacists interested in buying or selling an independent pharmacy. Because Cardinal Health serves more than 5,000 independent pharmacies throughout the United States, the company is uniquely positioned to match potential buyers and sellers and to help develop acquisition and exit strategies that take into consideration the specific challenges these owners face.

"Cardinal Health understands that to many independent pharmacists, planning for the future of their businesses is much like planning for the future of their families," said Jimmy Neil, vice president of Transition Strategy and Management for Cardinal Health. "It's extremely important - but it can also be a complicated, lengthy and emotional process. Studies show that ownership of more than 60 percent of community pharmacies will change hands within the next 10 years, so we're committed to making sure that independent pharmacies have all of the information and expertise they need to buy, sell or create a long-term exit strategy for their business."

Cardinal Health's Transition Strategy and Management team can help independent pharmacists to determine the best timing to buy or sell a pharmacy, learn how to structure the sales transaction and understand what kind of additional outside counsel they need.

Cardinal Health can also help independent pharmacy buyers to:

  • Determine whether to pursue a start-up or acquisition
  • Locate and qualify potential sellers
  • Learn how to get attractive financing and how to negotiate a fair purchase price
  • Create a long-term business plan, complete with a built-in exit strategy and
  • Redesign newly purchased pharmacies to create a fresh, more efficient workflow.

Additionally, Cardinal Health can help independent pharmacy sellers to:

  • Locate and qualify potential buyers
  • Learn how to market their business for sale and how to negotiate a fair sales price and
  • Determine how to invest the proceeds and what their role will be following the sale.

"Cardinal Health offered me a tremendous amount of personal, hands-on support to guide me through every step of finding and buying the right pharmacy," said John D. Ortego, PharmD, owner of Parkside Pharmacy in Sacramento, Calif. "They helped me learn about different pharmacy business models, negotiate the lease, understand the financing issues, think through changes I wanted to make to the store's design and even helped me create a long-term business plan. Cardinal Health treated every detail of my pharmacy buying and building experience like it was their own, and their invaluable guidance and expertise played a key role in helping me realize my dream of pharmacy ownership."

Cardinal Health's Transition Strategy and Management services are available to all independent pharmacy owners, pharmacy students and to pharmacists who aren't currently affiliated with an independent pharmacy but are considering independent pharmacy ownership.

About Cardinal Health
Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health, Inc. (NYSE: CAH) is a $91 billion, global company serving the health care industry with products and services that help hospitals, physician offices and pharmacies reduce costs, improve safety, productivity and profitability, and deliver better care to patients. With a focus on making supply chains more efficient, reducing hospital-acquired infections and breaking the cycle of harmful medication errors, Cardinal Health develops market-leading technologies, including Alaris® IV pumps, Pyxis® automated dispensing and patient identification systems, MedMinedTM electronic infection surveillance service and VIASYS® respiratory care products. The company also manufactures medical and surgical products and is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies worldwide. Ranked No. 18 on the Fortune 500, Cardinal Health employs more than 40,000 people on five continents. More information about the company may be found by clicking on the link below to visit our website.

Cardinal Health Pharmacy Franchising and Acquisitions Cardinal Health Buying and Selling a Pharmacy Retail and Independent
Cardinal Health on Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities and Buying & Selling Drug Stores.buying and selling pharmacy franchising with Transition Strategy and Management team and independent pharmacists. Buy or sell a pharmacy, independent pharmacy buyer acquisitions start-up long term business plan exit stragety. independent pharmacy owners, pharmacy students and to pharmacists considering independent pharmacy ownership.

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Good Neighbor Pharmacy

The Best Medicine for Your Health™

Good Neighbor Pharmacy was designed to meet the challenges and questions that you are faced with each and everyday. That is why there are over 3,000 independent members of the most compliant national network in the country, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. You can count on Good Neighbor Pharmacy to provide business solutions to assist you to reach your full potential.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy has been assisting independent pharmacies, like yours, for more than 25 years. As a member of this network, pharmacists not only have access to many business solutions and peer-experience but also they have the choice to participate in different levels of the program. This means you have the power to choose the level that fits your pharmacy’s needs and the needs of your customers and patients. As each level of the GNP program increases so too does the opportunities and benefits for you. The three levels we offer you are:

  • Affiliate Level
  • Voluntary Level
  • Premier Franchise Level

Good Neighbor Pharmacy wants you, as a brand, to stand out against the ever growing competition. The goal is to have your Pharmacy name in correlation with the GNP national brand and for your Pharmacy to have a specific reputation of care for patients in your community. Being an independent pharmacy, your business has the unique characteristic of adding a personal touch and satisfaction for your customers/patients. You are a trusted source of medical information as well as counselor to the different needs of you customers. As a member you are entitled to many different options and solutions, depending on the level of participation you choose. Some of these benefits include:

  • GNP exterior and interior signage to allow our co-brand to resonate with customers and patients
  • GNP brand private label products in your store
  • Peer networking and National, Regional, and Local advertising in your local area allowing you to have the power of a unified voice to raise and reinforce consumer awareness, enhance your community standing and broaden your customer base
  • Cost efficiencies, buying leverage and marketing support while you continue to maintain the essential freedom to manage your own business
  • Specialty programs like, Diabetes Shoppe®, Pharmacy Benefits Administration and Prescriptions Savings Club and more
  • THE Front End Solution
    • Ability to increase non-Rx sales
    • Reach a higher gross margin
    • Increase your inventory turnover
    • Drive your customer loyalty
  • Personal and expert business coaching
    • Industry expert Business Coaches
    • Allows you to stabilize your core business
    • Maximize your profitability
    • Grow your business

Good Neighbor Pharmacy delivers programs and solutions that address the most important challenges that you face today. Our three main objectives: strengthening your core business, maximizing your profitability and growing your customer base, are the basis of how we can be essential to your business.

For more information about Good Neighbor Pharmacy and to see how together we can strengthen your business click on the link below to visit our website.

For more information about the products and services provided by AmerisourceBergen, please visit the company website provided below.
Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Pharmacy Franchising and Acquisitions with independent pharmacies. Independent pharmacy franchising and business opportunities for pharmacists good neighbor pharmacy retail business opportunities.

 Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services
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Pharmacy Values are currently very high.

Don't sell yourself short.

At Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, we know that properly executed commercial transactions are complex. Selling your pharmacy without a licensed agent can net a lower price and pose a higher risk of litigation. Let us take the hassle and worry out of selling your pharmacy. We will work with your attorney and accountant to provide professional and confidential representation from start to finish, netting you the highest value for your pharmacy.

With Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, you will be working with a fully licensed Pharmacy commercial agent who is a registered pharmacist and pharmacy industry specialist, legally licensed to sell a pharmacy. We will provide unsurpassed access to buyers and the national presence and negotiating clout to bring you the highest value for your pharmacy, all at a competitive rate.

Listing Service
Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services offers a full listing service to help sell your pharmacy at the highest possible price. When you list with us, you can be assured that your transaction will be handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Many brokers and consultants claim they have a "proprietary list of buyers" or "know who the buyers are". The simple truth is that no company is more connected to buyers on a state and national level than Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services. Listing your pharmacy for sale with us will give you the number one advantage in obtaining the highest value for your pharmacy, and that is exposure to multiple qualified buyers. Our listings are brought to the five major types of buyers through a national marketing program, dramatically increasing your chance of bringing the greatest number of qualified buyers to the negotiating table, which is the key to driving the highest value for your pharmacy in todays market.

  • Confidential and Discreet
  • The Consulting Broker Advantage

Buyer Services
Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services offers a full range of buyer services. We can assist buyers in obtaining financing, helping refine and perform due diligence for a potential pharmacy acquisition, do an appropriate valuation for an asset sale or legal needs, and analyze business operations and performance.

  • Financing Options
  • Due Diligence Assistance
  • Determining Market Value

Seller Services
Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services offers a full range of seller services. We will first determine the market value of your pharmacy. We will then build a professional portfolio ("the book") to present to qualified buyers. Then we will launch our proprietary national marketing program to locate potential qualified buyers. After we narrow down a list of candidates, we will look at offers and negotiate your purchase agreement and price. Once we find an acceptable buyer with an acceptable price, we will set up and attend the "closing" of your deal with you as your representative.

Prudential Consulting Broker Services
Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services on Franchise & Acquisition. Selling your pharmacy or buying a pharmacy need a Listing Service with Buyer Services for pharmacies. pharmacy Financing Options, own your own pharmacy or buy a pharmacy and sell a pharmacy. seller services and pharmacies for sale with pharmacy valuation.

 American HealthCare Capital
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American HealthCare Capital



American HealthCare Capital is a nationwide corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions advisory firm that specializes in meeting the needs of middle market healthcare providers. Our company has served as the healthcare community’s bridge between sellers and buyers for over 23 years. We are active in every modality within healthcare services including but not limited to all types of Pharmacy, Infusion, DME, and Homecare.

With an emphasis on healthcare transactions, we understand the need for a unique approach to the pharmacy sector. Since we’re always in the market, we pride ourselves on our intimate, real-time knowledge of the marketplace. We know who’s buying for a premium, who’s selling for a discount, and what deals can get financing.

Recently, we have been experiencing an unprecedented demand for pharmacies including infusion, compounding, specialty, closed-door, and retail pharmacies. AHC is approached on a daily basis by buyers, ranging from individual investors to national organizations and private equity firms that are looking to expand their services. This presents an outstanding opportunity for owners that are looking to sell their pharmacy.


When you engage our firm to represent you, it empowers us to give you the maximum exposure in the marketplace. What distinguishes our organization from The Competition is that over the last twenty three years, we have developed the largest data base of qualified buyers, making us the only brand name in the industry. Over a thousand times a day, our state-of-the-art marketing center reaches out to potential buyers and offers them businesses like yours for sale. This gives us the ability to market your company directly to almost every possible type buyer in the United States, therefore maximizing the true value of your company. As a matter of policy, no one will ever see any information about your company, including your name, until a proper Confidentiality Agreement has been executed between the prospective buyer and AHC on your behalf.

AHC utilizes a 30 day listing agreement, whereas our competition usually binds you to at least a 6 month obligation. Because we have immediate access to our proprietary data base of over 100,000 diversified buyers, we are confident that we can reach the right buyer, sometimes in as little as 30 days! If we are unable to sell your company in 30 days, we will continue to market it until the job gets done or you decide you would like to terminate it. We sell listings that our competitors have failed to sell, and our competitors have never sold a listing that we couldn’t sell.

AHC never charges any up-front fees. Our team spends a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources to prepare the marketing material for your listing, and we don’t get paid until the deal closes. We strive to provide the highest quality service and our representatives are available anytime to answer your questions. Call us today for a free consultation with no obligation at +++ (800) 424-1338. Our team is ready when you are!


$15 Million 5-Store Chain Retail Pharmacy in South Carolina
$8 Million National HIV Mail Order Pharmacy in Kansas
$5 Million West Coast, Closed Door Infusion Pharmacy
$2.5 Million Custom Compounding Pharmacy in Tampa Bay, Florida
$750,000 Retail Pharmacy in a Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts

Please visit our website at for our full inventory of active listings!

Buying/Selling a Pharmacy
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BizEx Business Sales & Acquisitions

BizEx is a Los Angeles Business Broker providing M&A Quality Services for Small Business Owners. We leverage our technology and expertise to simplify & expedite the buying and selling of businesses. In the buy sell business transaction, matching the right buyer with the right business is how we define success.

When you're thinking about selling your business:

BizEx specializes in the sale of small and medium sized businesses. We have decades of experience working with business owners and business buyers. We know that selling a business is more than just a financial transaction; it's a life changing event for both the Buyer and the Seller. We distinguish ourselves by providing personalized, high quality services to our clients. Our expertise enables us to objectively value your business and to communicate that value to a buyer. We create a custom marketing and presentation package for every business we represent. Then we aggressively and confidentially market the business. We keep our clients informed and advised throughout the process. We handle the complexities of this important transaction so they can continue to operate their business.

When you're thinking about buying a business:

Buying a business is potentially one of the most exciting, rewarding, and life-changing decisions a person will make in their lives. As such, it's important to surround yourself with highly qualified professionals who can help you to make the best informed decision possible. This starts with an experienced Business Broker who can guide you through the many hurdles and challenges involved in the acquisition of a business. From our experiences at BizEx, one of the biggest challenges a buyer will face is the amount of time it takes to find the right business. This process can easily take six months to a year! If you are currently unemployed, this can significantly cut into your seed capital. Those buyers who do have a job can often get discouraged with the process, and simply give up on their business ownership dreams.

BizEx is the solution, whether you're selling a business, buying a business, or preparing your business for sale!

bizex, buying a pharmacy, selling a pharmacy, pharmacy brokers, business sales, acquisitions, evaluation & consultation, bizex brokers

 First Financial Bank
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First Financial Bank

Our commitment to customer service, our financial strength, and our banking professionals make choosing First Financial Bank a sound business decision. As a locally-owned, locally-managed bank, we are dedicated to providing the very best financial services so that we may stay ahead of the competition

Professional Lending

We understand the financial needs of professional businesses, such as pharmacies and pharmacists. When it comes to providing financial resources, your practice is our priority.

As dedicated as you are to keeping others healthy, we're just as dedicated to keeping your practice financially strong. We offer recent pharmaceutical graduates customized terms and accommodations for start-up or practice acquisition loans.

The very same goes for equipment, expansion, remodeling, and more for our practicing pharmacists. Don't limit your reach. As one of the nation's leading small business lenders, we're here with the dedication and the expertise you need to reach your business goals.

  • Competitive rates available for practicing pharmacists and recent graduates
    • Both fixed and variable options
  • Finance a wide range of practice needs:
    • Equipment-only loans
    • Expansion/remodeling loans
    • Business refinancing
    • Practice equity
    • Start-up loans or practice acquisition loans
  • A wide range of flexible terms, customized to your unique situation
  • One of the nation's top small business lenders
  • Convenient one-on-one service that operates around your schedule
  • Commitment to getting you the lending you need and deserve

For more information on our services, please click the link below

Pharmacy Owner NCPA Member

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Pharmacy ownership transfer has never been more complex. With that in mind, RxOwnership was created with one purpose in mind: to help pharmacy professionals with the sale, purchase, or transfer of independent pharmacies.

RxOwnership brings together the expertise of McKesson with the dedication of our expert Ownership Consultants to support the needs of current and future pharmacy owners. Whether you're looking to sell a chain of pharmacies that's been in your family for generations -- or purchase your very first pharmacy business -- RxOwnership is a helpful resource for everything from planning to staffing.

Plan an Independent Pharmacy Career

It's never too soon to plan for the purchase of your pharmacy

For many pharmacy professionals, the ultimate goal of a pharmacy career is pharmacy ownership. The freedom and responsibility that comes with owning and managing one's own pharmacy is unmatched in our industry. However, the process of buying an independent pharmacy is extremely complex. Powered by McKesson, RxOwnership is here to help.

RxOwnership provides you with the tools and resources you need to plan for the successful acquisition of your very own pharmacy. With information on everything from Business Basics to Store Set-Up you'll know exactly what it takes to fulfill your dream of pharmacy ownership.

Embrace the business of pharmacy ownership.

Above all else, a successful pharmacy is a successful business. That's why you'll want to address a range of important considerations that go well beyond running your pharmacy practice. Those considerations include:

  • Developing an effective business plan
  • Budgeting and business projections
  • Evaluating third-party contracting
  • Instituting human resources management
  • Planning and executing marketing programs

RxOwnership Ownership Consultants can also provide you with guidance to point you in the right direction to find the information you need. Most likely, the information you need is available to help you become a successful pharmacy owner.

Sell or Transfer Pharmacy Ownership

It's never too soon to plan for the sale of your pharmacy

As a pharmacy owner, planning for the eventual sale of that pharmacy is one of the most important things you can do -- for yourself and your customers. However, the process of selling an independent pharmacy is extremely complex. Powered by McKesson, RxOwnership is here to help.

RxOwnership provides you with the tools and resources you need to plan for the successful sale and transfer of your pharmacy. With our tools, resources, and especially our Step-by-Step Guide, you'll know exactly what it takes to sell successfully.

Steps for planning your pharmacy's future

If you approach the process of selling your pharmacy in a step-by-step manner, it won't be overwhelming. By giving yourself sufficient time, you can carefully consider and refine what is best for you, your family, your employees, and your community. You will have time to consult with colleagues who are several years ahead of you in the process, and to build a team of specialists around you.

As you think about the ownership transfer of your pharmacy, jot down what you want the pharmacy to be like in 3, 5, or 10 years. This can help you understand how you want to sell your pharmacy -- and to whom.

Financing as part of the sale process.

Many pharmacy owners, sellers, and sales managers attempt to start the ownership transfer process with financing. This is a guaranteed recipe for disappointment. As has been pointed out repeatedly, there are myriad decisions that must be considered and made before considering financing. Financing should only be approached once the succession planning has been completed.

There are many different types of financing available today. Most people think first of traditional lenders such as banks and organizations such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) when they think of financing. Others think of suppliers and wholesalers providing dating of product as a form of financing. In addition to these, financing can come from a current owner "taking back a note." Loans from parents and relatives also are common forms of financing.

Rarely is just one type of financing used in the sale/purchase of a pharmacy. For this reason, it is important to understand the breadth of financing options available.

RXownership - Buying a Pharmacy RxHealthMart RXownership - Selling a Pharmacy McKesson RXownership - Franchising a Pharmacy
RxOwnership on buying and selling a pharmacy and franchising with Pharmacy ownership. sale, purchase, or transfer of independent pharmacies and an Independent Pharmacy Career. owning and managing own pharmacy. RxOwnership and franchising an independent pharmacy ownership.

 Hayslip & Zost
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Hayslip & Zost

Specialized Financing is Available!

We have sold and purchased hundreds of pharmacies over the past decade with satisfied sellers and buyers. Tony Hayslip and staff have more than 50 years of pharmacy expertise in all segments of the business.

Hayslip & Zost Pharmacy Brokers LLC specializes in successfully handling pharmacy sales transactions. We specialize in developing effective exit strategies for pharmacy owners in all states. Buyers turn to us first when they are expanding. Since we are experts in the industry, we can make sure your business value is maximized and your worries are minimized. We bring interested buyers together with interested pharmacy sellers – not simply "list" a business for sale. Unlike most business brokers, we only specialize in independent pharmacy ownership transaction.

So invest in your future by contacting the pharmacy sales professionals at Hayslip & Zost Pharmacy Brokers LLC. You will find out that we really can maximize the value of your pharmacy business, to get you the most favorable terms. Use the links below to contact us or to view our website.

Hayslip Pharmacy Brokers
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