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Contec® MicroCinch™ Mop [Video]

Simple. Efficient. Clean.

Contec® MicroCinch™ Mop

Featuring a “pocket” style design with a collapsible mop head frame, available in heavy duty plastic or stainless steel, the Contec MicroCinch Mop allows for quick changing of mop pads and is ideal for daily cleaning and disinfecting of pharmacy cleanrooms.

Delivers Disinfectant Uniformly

• Compatible with a wide range of solutions

• Provides superior removal of gross soil and fine particulate

• Suitable for ISO Class 7 and 8 environments

• Flat mop can be used wet or dry

• Low-linting, single-use pad

Call or visit our web site to learn more about the Contec MicroCinch Mop. | 1-866-492-9899

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