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Medication Carts — "One Size Does Not Fit All"

Medication Carts — "One Size Does Not Fit All"

The Harloff Company designs and manufactures the most durable and functional medication carts in the healthcare industry. Our carts support most medication dispensing systems to include: punch cards, unit-dose boxes, Medicine On Time®, Opus®, Opti-Pak®, DISPILL®, Manrex®, automated packaging, and medication bins in all sizes. We encourage you to share your requirements with us. Our cart configurations are easy to change. If we don’t have a cart to meet your needs, we will build one. Harloff’s commitment is to provide superior medication carts that meet your budget needs. We understand that the cart needed for a group home is not the same as one going to a skilled facility. We would love to have the opportunity to be your preferred medication cart provider and look forward to your call. Harloff Medication Carts — The Security You Need At A Price You Will Love.


Harloff Company

650 Ford Street

Colorado Springs, CO


TOLL-FREE: 800-433-4064

Ext. 129

FAX: 719-597-8273

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