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Accreditation Support for Pharmacies Nationwide

Accreditation Support for Pharmacies Nationwide

Innovatix, the nation’s leading non-acute care group purchasing organization (GPO), has a longstanding commitment to helping pharmacies provide the best service at the lowest cost while maximizing reimbursements. With respect to reimbursement rates, third-party accreditation has become increasingly important to pharmacy benefit managers and other payers to verify quality and patient safety. To this end, Innovatix launched a fee-for-service program in 2015 — Innovatix Accreditation Advisory Services — to support pharmacies in achieving recognition from various accrediting bodies, including URAC. Innovatix offers pharmacies three levels of support to best meet each client’s needs and available resources. In a Level 1 engagement, Innovatix will review your pharmacy’s standards and processes against accreditation measures and help to polish your application prior to submission to the accrediting body. A Level 2 engagement is more hands-on, with Innovatix experts helping your staff create the required standards and processes through a series of weekly calls and monthly on-site meetings. Level 3 offers the most comprehensive support through a full-time consultant who will prepare your pharmacy’s accreditation submission from start to finish.



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