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Continuous Monitoring Systems for Critical Infrastructure

Continuous Monitoring Systems for Critical Infrastructure

CIMTechniques, Inc. has been providing dedicated CIMScan® monitoring systems to pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, clean room operations, labs, and hospitals for well over 20 years. Our systems are engineered to manage the logging, storage, dissemination, and reporting of environmental monitoring data that is critical to operations in life science facilities day in and day out. This is essential for handling issues of quality management, meeting regulatory requirements, protecting investment in equipment and inventory, and helping ensure safe operations. CIMScan systems are highly customizable, capable of monitoring and producing alerts from a huge variety of possible data sources (temperature, humidity, differential pressure, airborne particles, water flow, voltage, etc.), and available in wired or wireless configurations. Wireless options include WiFi and high power 900 MHz technology. Alerts are available both locally and delivered via email, text, pager, and voice telephone. User friendly CIMScan software is incredibly robust, cloud or local hosted, and designed to integrate seamlessly with our monitoring hardware. A GMP CIMScan system will easily produce reports supporting your FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance efforts. Additionally, the system meets or exceeds the monitoring requirements established by the FDA, USP, EMA, CFDA, PMDA, Joint Commission, and more.

CIMTechniques, Inc. 
1215 Prince Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
PHONE: 843-521-9897
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