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Environmental Monitoring for Any Application

Environmental Monitoring for Any Application

Tutela Monitoring Systems, LLC provides fully validated and compliant monitoring systems for a wide range of applications and for all facilities that store sensitive inventory. The system is completely scalable whether you choose simple temperature logging in a single refrigerator or a comprehensive multi-site monitoring system with remote alarming. All data is visible on an intuitive web-based customer interface which is simple to use and accessible anywhere in the world from any web-enabled device. The system comes with a 7-day battery back-up so even in the event of a power outage, your data is not lost. The data is stored on our mirrored server for 40 years and Tutela never asks you to purchase software or server space. The Tutela System is 100% compliant with all regulatory bodies and medical associations, including the FDA. The Genesis 3 System provides peace of mind with a 24/7 call bureau staffed by live personnel. You are notified of any deviation in your monitoring presets before it becomes a problem. The Tutela Genesis 3 System is truly unmatched by any competitor. Tutela is the perfection solution for your temperature monitoring needs. Contact us and see why so many have chosen Tutela.


Tutela Monitoring Systems, LLC

PHONE: 941-462-1067

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