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Comprehensive Medication Packaging and Dispensing Solutions for LTC

Comprehensive Medication Packaging and Dispensing Solutions for LTC

Omnicell offers a wide range of high-quality disposable adherence packaging supplies that provides pharmacies a cost-effective, high-quality method of delivering prescriptions to patients. Omnicell offers standard and customized heat seal, pressure seal, and reclaimable cards, as well as unit dose foil and blister packaging. Our complete line of packaging equipment increases production volume, enhances accuracy, and frees up pharmacy personnel for higher value work. Omnicell's printing solutions include a wide variety of barcoded scannable medication labels, patient labels, and printing supplies. In addition, Omnicell automated medication and supply systems provide caregivers quick and secure access to first-dose and emergency medications while capturing charges by NDC for accurate billing and compliance. Omnicell partners with you to drive efficiency and medication safety throughout your pharmacy’s operations.


Omnicell, Inc.

2003 Gandy Boulevard North

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

TOLL-FREE: 800-671-0589

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