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Complete Storewide Retail Management System

Complete Storewide Retail Management System

QS/1’s Point-of-Sale is a complete, touchscreen-enabled retail management system for community, outpatient, LTC, combo, and small-chain pharmacies. POS integrates with our pharmacy systems, sharing information between retail and pharmacy for better efficiency. Scanner equipment, will-call features, and order automation help you control the business side, including payment security, cost of goods, promotional programs, automated PMP reporting, and profit analysis. EMV certification securely processes chip-enabled cards and employs end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect customer data. Prescriptions are automatically removed from the workflow queue upon pickup, and cashiers are alerted if customers have other prescriptions ready. Portable checkout with wireless capabilities and mobile apps improve both patient convenience and adherence. Mobile signature capture app takes payments, scans prescription labels, and sends information back to the QS/1 pharmacy system. Delivery app enables you to download transactions, capture signatures, and accept different forms of payment at the point-of-delivery and upload completed transactions to your pharmacy system. We make business management easier, safer, and smarter so you can focus on the health outcomes and customer loyalty that make you profitable.



Jim Higley, VP of Sales

201 West St. John Street

Spartanburg, SC 29306

TOLL-FREE: 800-231-7776

FAX: 864-253-8690

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