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Your Small Friend Indeed

Your Small Friend Indeed

Hazardous drugs weren’t given their name by accident. They’re the drugs that bind to or damage DNA, interfere with cell growth, or proliferation and interfere with DNA synthesis. And they impact all healthcare personnel who store, prepare, transport, and administer them. They’re also the reason USP <800>, which is enforceable beginning December 1, 2019, was created – to promote patient safety, worker safety, and environmental protection. For that reason, Health Care Logistics offers a complete line of sterile and non-sterile PPE products that meet or exceed USP <800> minimum requirements. Coveralls, aprons, and sleeve covers feature bound seams and elastic cuffs, while powder-free gloves are designed for double donning and meet ASTM-D6978-05 standards. Our PPE items are individually packaged so they’re cleanroom ready for quicker, easier donning, and greater regulatory compliance. In addition to these application-specific supplies, we offer an entire line of PPE apparel so you can stock up on garments and always be ready for work inside the cleanroom and throughout your pharmacy.


Health Care Logistics

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