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Scripps Safe

Scripps Safe, Inc. is the nation’s leader and customer service driven supplier of the highest quality, UL listed and tested regulatory compliant pharmacy safes, narcotics safes, drug vaults and other security solutions fully integrated with common Rx dispensing systems.

We know DEA narcotics security and drug storage requirements. Our expertise is unrivaled by anyone else. We solve narcotics storage and security problems no one else can solve.

Our Vision: To innovate and develop integrated Rx security solutions to create a safer healthcare environment.

IMAGINE...Affordable Compliant Narcotics Security with Smart Analytics

Products & Services

  • SHIELDS™ Platform- Video and IT Audit Security System for Secure Enclosures (patent pending technology)
  • SAFEDISPENSE Series™- Walk In Vaults, Vault Doors, Day Gates, and custom built Maximum Security UL TL-30 Safes
  • GUARDIAN Series™- DEA Compliant Safes for Hospitals, Marijuana and Drug Treatment Facilities
  • TRXP Series™ - Pharmacy Security for Controlled Substances
  • Rescue Series™- Vehicle, EMS/Fire & Ambulance Security for Controlled Substances
  • Custom Series™ - Rx Safes & VAULTS- Narcotics Security YOUR Way
  • Narcotics Anti-Diversion Analytics Software
  • Consulting, Training & Support Services

When healthcare professionals want to ensure their safety and that of their employees and patients, they turn to Scripps Safe.

Stay Safe (and Compliant) With Scripps Safe… with Total Rx Protection™

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