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flexTRAX by KeyCentrix™

The Best of POS for Less

Designed to provide independent pharmacies complete solutions for success in a competitive market, the flexTRAX Point of Sale offers affordability and efficiency. Reporting tools streamline business operations, accounting, and inventory management. Hassle-free automation and unlimited catalog imports ensure you have the most up-to-date information for your customers and your business. For complete business management solutions, a seamless pharmacy software interface is available with RxKey® and New Leaf Rx®; barcode interfaces are also available for most pharmacy management systems. The first of its kind, the flexTRAX POS system is IIAS compliant for accepting FSA cards.

-Detailed Reporting Tools

-Item FSA Eligibility Validation

-OTC Catalog Uploading

-Multi-register Management

-Clerk Codes

-Electronic Signature Capture

-Simple Menus

-Pharmacy Software Barcode Interfaces

-IIAS certified for FSA Cards

-Low Cost of Implementation

-EMV Signature Pad Supported

KeyCentrix delivers more than software – contact us today for an interactive flexTRAX demo or to learn more.

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