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Meet scripClip™ by PerceptiMed.

The scripClip™ will-call system helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right prescription for the right customer, every time. The scripClip™ is available in a bag clip or in an integrated hanging bag format. Once a prescription has been filled and verified, scripClip™ is scanned and placed into will-call in any order. Once the customer information is entered into the system, the appropriate scripClip™ tagged prescription will light up. scripClip™ also tags on all un-retrieved and expired prescriptions that must be returned to stock simultaneously, allowing staff to quickly locate the bags for restocking.


scripClip™ Features:

- Prescription verification

- Works anywhere (including refrigerators/ secure cabinets)

- Fits anywhere

- Labor saving return-to-stock

- Convert will-call inventory to sales

- Tamper alerts

- Central fill tote support

- Locate directly from the customer phone app

- Paper bag and hanging bag versions

For more information, visit PerceptiMed's website.

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