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Ideal Protein - Results for Community Health and Your Pharmacy's Bottom Line

Company Background 

Pharmacies are evolving and re-engineering themselves to become a profitable health care destination. As a pharmacist or pharmacy owner, providing value-add consultative service programs that build relationships with your patients will help drive long lasting customer loyalty and a sustainable business. With Ideal Protein, you are targeting the underlying cause of many chronic diseases and offering a structured, outcomes focused weight management protocol focused not only on weight loss, but achievable weight maintenance and lifestyle change. At Ideal Protein, we believe pharmacists are uniquely positioned in the community to counsel and manage these patients. By empowering community pharmacies with our comprehensive program, patients have access to high-impact, high-value care and the support to sustain their achieved goals. 

Product Overview

 The Ideal Protein Protocol A comprehensive solution comprised of:

 • Protocol: Medically designed and proven solutions for safe, effective weight loss and maintenance for all types of customers. 

• Products: Over 80 partial meal replacement products developed to support our protocol. 

•Education and Training: Specialized training curriculums for pharmacists, health coaches (staff), and your patients. 

• Proprietary Support Tools: A comprehensive suite of tools and services that drive efficient business operations and growth, dieter management and adherence, physician communication, and pharmacy staff support. 

Features & Options

The Ideal Protein Advantage 

• Proven weight loss and weight management protocols. 

• Partial meal replacement product variety mixed with whole foods.

• Interventions and support focused on behavioral change and longterm sustainable results. 

• Comprehensive and proprietary suite of support and marketing tools. 

• Minimal cost for training and no ongoing fees. 

• Offered through healthcare professionals and trained coaches. 

Pharmacy Benefits With Ideal Protein 

• New patients through proven customer acquisition methods. 

• Increased weekly in-store foot traffic. 

• Leverage existing services that compliment weight management. 

• Positive patient health outcomes potential. 

• Collaboration with other providers to meet population health objectives. 

• Proven long-term reductions in medical expenditures and improved patient outcomes. 

• Net new revenue and profit stream. 

How to Implement Ideal Protein

 We are a turnkey program with dedicated client support. We require a consultation room, space for products, and a part-time coach. We will provide everything else you need. Existing pharmacy or front store staff will be trained as coaches and build relationships with required in-person weekly visits which take about 15 minutes. Our products are ordered as needed which support the dieters being managed on the protocol. Our team will be on-site to assist in implementation and growth, and available when you need us. 


 “It is our most consistent revenue stream with great margins!” — Jami Helm, Owner/PIC, Montezuma Drug – Health Mart 

“It [Ideal Protein] is a seamless process to add revenue and foot traffic in your pharmacy. It’s going to add high-touch access to your patients that no one else will give you. It is a real differentiator in the marketplace for you.” — Mike LaCombe, Operations Manager, Majoria Drugs

 Key Customers

 Ideal Protein is partnered with over 600 pharmacies and 2,500 medical practices in North America. 

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