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Affordable Digital Solutions for Better Patient Outcomes - CareSmart [VIDEO]

Work Smarter. Work Faster. NOT HARDER.

Our fully integrated billing system saves time and money, while reducing potential errors compared to interfacing with third party accounting systems.

Introducing the GPS Pharmacy System

Software that strategically positions your pharmacy for operational success while managing business generated by both your retail and LTC dispensing formats.

Talk with your facilities about the CareSmart advantage - Affordable digital solutions better patient outcomes.

-MedTablet eMar and MedTablet ADL Resident Care Software — Provide Secured Patient Records in Real-Time

-FormSmart — Your Digital Solution to Capture Patient and Facility Data Eliminating Paper Records

To learn more about the ways CareSmart can help your pharmacy and your facilities work smarter, visit our website at or call 866-322-3934.

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