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To Every Forward—There is a Reverse

Pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturers, and wholesalers order wide-ranging pharmaceuticals to meet future patient and customer demand. What is often unknown is the amount of unsaleable, damaged, and recalled products that need removal. Despite improvements in demand forecasting, reverse distribution remains a significant operation and expense for dispensers. Annually, more than 120 million units with a product value of more than $13 billion flow through the reverse distribution process. 

This function is unlikely to go away because of formulary and regulatory changes, demand fluctuation, and discrepancies resulting in excess inventory or disposal need. This reverse logistical removal requires dispensers to possess a reliable process to manage excess and non-productive inventory.

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Healthcare organizations can avoid investing time, resources, physical space, and capital to develop and operate these complex systems and processes with a single source disposal provider like PharmaLink. This vendor trims cycle time while safely removing unwanted products supported by a robust enterprise infrastructure, producing accurate processing and quality analytics that optimize business decisions.

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