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Taking the Steps Needed - B&B Pharmaceuticals

When you repackage pharmaceuticals, the wholesaler has steps to complete. Firstly, the wholesaler purchases from facilities that follow current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP) guidelines to certify that the material is processed with the utmost quality. It is also necessary that they purchase from manufacturing facilities that are registered with and inspected by the United States Food and Drug Administration and have their own National Drug Codes (NDC numbers). These are quality standards that B&B Pharmaceuticals undertake.

But there is more that B&B Pharmaceuticals does. They ensure their suppliers pass a vendor validation process that includes a questionnaire of the manufacturing process and an evaluation of all API's produced by supplier. B&B Pharmaceuticals also routinely send out representatives to physically inspect each manufacturing site to ensure the accuracy of the company's processes.


B&B Pharmaceuticals offers compounding needs for traditional 503A pharmacy, a 503B facility, or other settings. They specialize in controlled substances, Hormones (HRT), sexual health, and other Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

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