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Smith Drug Company - Celebrating 75 Years of Service to Community and LTC Pharmacies

Company Background 

Smith Drug Company is committed to the growth and vitality of community and long-term care pharmacies. Since 1944, we have set the standard for customer satisfaction and service, with a team of experts dedicated to your unique needs. In 2017, Burlington Drug Company joined our team, bringing their proud history of serving pharmacies in New England and New York State. This spring, a new distribution center in Carey, Ohio opened its doors, further fulfilling our commitment to bring technology and people together to deliver healthier outcomes for our customers and their patients. 

Product Overview – Solutions to grow your business. 

Through HealthWise Pharmacy®, Smith Drug Company offers an array of programs and solutions designed to help your pharmacy be competitive. 

Marketing and Branding Solutions 

These solutions provide a variety of programs and services, including direct to consumer marketing. When you choose HealthWise Pharmacy®, you’re choosing an established brand that customers trust. Utilizing our signage, category directional signage, floor mats, and window decals will help establish a strong identity that will increase your visibility in the market, and ultimately increase sales. 

Healthwise Pharmacy® Long Term Care 

Our LTC solutions offer a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond wholesale and supply. From an aggressive pricing program to cutting edge software packages, your pharmacy will have the competitive advantage that it deserves. A partnership with Smith Drug Company means a relationship with a team of the most knowledgeable specialists in the LTC space. Our LTC team is ready to provide guidance in obtaining lower pricing, higher reimbursements, and overall increased profitability. 

HealthWise Pharmacy® Consulting Solutions 

HealthWise Pharmacy® Consulting Solutions have a merchandising-360 element. A partnership with a leading merchandising firm ensures pharmacies have the right products in categories for the demographic mix of their community. Our consulting solutions also provide assistance in staffing optimization, workflow systems, and automation options that assist in creating maximum efficiency. 

HealthWise Pharmacy® Intuitive Purchasing System (IPS) 

As the recent recipient of the Distribution Management Award (DMA) for this innovative, cloud-based predictive inventory management system, Smith Drug Company offers a suite of proper forecasting and inventory optimization tools, allowing pharmacies to maximize profit and make purchasing decisions with ease. IPS pharmacies are able to determine how much and what type of inventory should be maintained, making products readily available for patients when needed. 

Features & Options

 Smith Drug Company – First In Service, First In Commitment: 

Service to customers with speed and accuracy is our highest priority. Our distribution centers incorporate technology that delivers a 99.98% order accuracy rate, meaning customers receive dependable delivery, regardless of circumstances. 

Always On Call: 

Customers receive live, professional support at each of our distribution centers, Monday through Friday. We also offer IT support 24/7. We are committed to being here for you when you need us. 

Here For You: 

We’re dedicated to customer-driven innovation and community-inspired service. We are active in State Associations, NCPA, NACDS, NACP, HDA, and ASCP. We support community and LTC pharmacy through advocacy on issues that matter most to your business. 


We’re a breath of fresh air: A note regarding Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company. “I was fortunate enough to attend the annual CE and Trade Show in Orlando. I had the pleasure to meet Saul Factor for the first time. He stopped me and introduced himself, asked about Gayco Healthcare, and then shared his vision. Not one time did Saul use the word ‘I’. He spoke of his team and the ongoing commitment to holding true to the Smith Drug Company value of listening and hearing what each customer has to say. He went on to say that the only way Smith could be the best in the industry would be because of their customers. Again, this was my first meeting and the genuine quality of Saul Factor, DeWayne Benson, Jim Benton, Jeff Schneider, and Mike Rawleigh was a breath of fresh air. I say ‘thank you’ to a company that is the real deal.” — Jon Martin, COO, Gayco Healthcare 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended 

Smith Drug Company hosts an annual trade show for their customers and vendors, most recently in Orlando, FL. This event provides a fun and unique setting for customers to meet with their vendors, place orders, and receive specific show specials. Customers, pharmacists, and technicians have the opportunity to take a variety of continuing education classes that are held on-site. The 2019 trade show, July 19-21, will be held in the historic city of Baltimore, MD. Smith Drug Company is also very involved in industry and state conventions, such as NCPA, NACDS, and HDA. 

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