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Considering Pharmacy School? Visit the University of Hawaii at Hilo CAREER EXPLORATION CENTER and Meet Our Students!

Where can a PharmD degree take you? Explore the University of Hawaii at Hilo DKICP's PHARMACY EXPLORATION CENTER to discover the diverse and dynamic opportunities a career in pharmacy has to offer! Content includes Pharmacy Career Paths, Student Perspectives, and information on the DKICP!

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Is pharmacy school right for me? Where can a pharmacy degree take me? What are my career options as a pharmacist?
Visit the following Pharmacy Career Exploration Centers by leading colleges of pharmacy to learn about their programs and to discover the diverse and dynamic opportunities a career in pharmacy has to offer!

Hawaii Pharmacy Schools

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Visit the Hawaii Pharmacy Exploration Center

Indiana Pharmacy Schools

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Visit the Manchester Pharmacy Exploration Center

Minnesota Pharmacy Schools

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Visit the Minnesota Pharmacy Exploration Center

Texas Pharmacy Schools

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Visit the Texas Tech Pharmacy Exploration Center

Visit the above PHARMACY CAREER EXPLORATION CENTERS to answer many of the following questions related to pharmacy school, and help you decide if applying to pharmacy school is the right option for you.

How much money do pharmacists make?
What tasks and roles do pharmacists perform in a pharmacy?
How long is pharmacy school?
Do ALL pharmacists work in pharmacies?
What GPA is needed to get into pharmacy school?
How hard is it to get into pharmacy school?
What is tuition for pharmacy school?
What is the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician?
Is a pharmacy degree a graduate degree?
Are you accepted into pharmacy school from high school?
What types of companies hire pharmacists?

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