Feb 09, 2017

A Cyberattack Can Destroy Your Business. Are You Prepared?

To a cyber criminal, a pharmacy is an information gold mine. Patient names and addresses are just the beginning. Credit card numbers, insurance information, date of birth, and medication history are all conveniently located in one place. With this information, a cybercriminal can steal identities, hack patient bank accounts, open fraudulent charge accounts, and cause all types of trouble. 
Keeping your patient information secure is important enough to be part of both HIPPA regulations and PCI/DSS which was implemented to reduce the risk of credit card fraud.
In a perfect world, you’d be able to keep the computers that capture and store customer data from connecting to the internet which would eliminate a hacker’s access to your computers. In the real world, that just isn’t practical. 
The first line of defense is a good anti-virus program that can protect computers and servers from outside attacks. But having the software installed on your computers isn’t enough. Here are some things you want to consider as you look for the best way to secure your customer data.
How comprehensive is the protection?
Anti-virus software has really outgrown its name. Besides viruses, the software has to protect computers from spyware, Trojan horses, worms, and a host of other dangers, as well as the fastest growing online threat, ransomware.
Are you protected from malicious websites?
It is possible to become infected just by visiting a sketchy website. A useful anti-virus program will give you the ability to block harmful websites or sites with objectionable content to keep workers out of dangerous territory. If desired, it can also minimize distractions by blocking social media and email sites.
Do you have time to manage it yourself?
Once the software is installed, it will need to be regularly updated to be able to protect you from new threats as they arise. If one door is closed to a hacker, they will work tirelessly to find or create a new one. Anti-virus updates address these new threats as they are discovered. It’s not uncommon to see several updates in a single week.
What if you don’t have the time?
Paladin's Managed Security™ is designed to protect your business from a broad range of sophisticated online threats including those listed above. After technicians install the software on all your computers, they stay on top of all updates and monitor your system 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Each Monday morning you'll receive a report for each computer informing you of any malicious activity and how it was neutralized. 

Fortunately, this service isn’t just for Paladin Point of Sale users. Managed Security™ is available to anyone who wants to protect their computers from the growing number of hazards in a connected world.

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