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ATP® 2

The new ATP® 2 is industry’s most comprehensive and accurate oral solid packager. TCG’s innovative and groundbreaking software addresses market needs that have never before been addressed. ATP 2 is now expandable from 64 to 480 canisters, and with AutoSense™ SmartChip technology, your canister bandwidth is unlimited. With ATP 2’s new Dual Tray system, you can continuously run without interruptions. The integrated dual tray precipitates constant pre-staging of tray medications, so there is no pausing mid-batch for a tray refill. The new ATP 2 also provides 4 pouch sizes for maximum flexibility. Graphic printing allows you to include more meds per pouch using the new Label manager. Reproduce labels with a touch of a button with any Windows fonts, adding logos, graphics, extended barcode options including QR code and Aztec symbologies.

Long Term Care and Assisted Living:

  • Facilitates a cost-effective alternative to blister packages with automated unit dose and multi-med pouch strips
  • Hands-free and high speed production of unit dose strips for box/cart replenishment
  • Multi-med packages with medication capacity of up to 7 different medications and the ability to isolate expensive or controlled medications in individual packages in sequence with the other bags to facilitate ease of dispense as well as ease of return and control
  • The unique ability to automate up to 710 medications across multiple devices handles high volume unit dose packaging needs

Hospital, Corrections, Clinics:

  • Suitable to the specific needs of any pharmacy. With the ability to scale from 64 to 480 medications, formulary can be added as needed
  • Redundant lower packaging unit facilitates the change from wide to narrow papers to switch between multi-med or unit dose pouches


  • Give your customers the ability to synchronize their meds to a 30-day cycle fill with AdherePac™ produced by the ATP, using the support of our AdherePac marketing kit program customized to your brand
  • Boost business by employing the AdherePac program with your customers, ensuring medication adherence, and guaranteeing refills each month with customers enrolled in the program. Increase your ROI by suggesting the addition of vitamins for pennies on the dollar.

Bringing efficiency and accuracy to the pouch verification process

  • Small footprint
  • 3 processing speed models
    • Inspect 24 – 2,400 pouches/hr.
    • Inspect 36 – 3,600 pouches/hr.
    • Inspect 54 – 5,400 pouches/hr.
  • Inspect 24 and 36 are upgradable to faster speeds as your volume dictates
  • Multiple spectrum analysis camera
  • “On the fly” reference imaging streamlines database maintenance
  • Corrector station facilitates correction and documentation of pouches requiring attention
  • Manager application provides easy retrieval of images and quick reporting of production statistics
  • Images are analyzed using a self-maintained database to inspect 12 characteristics of meds in each pouch.


A precision-engineered, high-density storage product line that will help your pharmacy become more organized, reduce your inventory footprint, and speed up your script-filling process. HDStock has been specifically designed to store medications, paying special attention to ergonomics and functionality. The result is a completely logical storage system that’s extraordinarily convenient to use. No other system offers you drawers that can store more items within the same space.

  • Reduced footprint and reduction in inventory
  • Less walking - Faster script filling
  • Clean, modern and organized appearance
  • Promotes first-in, first-out inventory reduces expired medications and open bottles
  • LED lights on workstations increases visibility and is more ergonomic
  • Fixtures are mobile for future re-configuration as pharmacy needs change
  • Increased work surfaces while reducing storage footprint
  • Unique divider system reduces the risk of errors
TCGRx - Pharmacy Automation & Robotic Systems
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 Synergy Medical
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Synergy Medical

For almost 10 years, Synergy Medical has been providing proven and reliable technology for blister card automation, and we consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for performance and support.

SynMed is an automated dispensing system for solid oral medications in blister packs; an automated alternative to vials and pouches, that features more than 400 dispensing containers, barcode verification processes and user-friendly software. SynMed is a way to reduce costs, achieve high levels of dispensing accuracy, and a safe way to grow your business.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

SynMed’s 400 containers contain 98% of the medications a pharmacy would dispense in blister packs, so this is a highly automated process.

SynMed will pick and dispense 55 doses per minute; one technician can easily produce 1,000+ multi-dose blister packs over their regular weekly schedule.

Technician time compared to manual production will be reduced by a factor of 5, and Pharmacist verification time will at least be reduced in half, due to the system accuracy, and proprietary verification markers on the label.


SynMed is versatile and can adapt and interchange between both single and multi-dose blister packs. SynMed is compatible with over 30 (and growing) blister packs so will easily adapt to each unique environment; that means pharmacies can automate with the blister card their patients are used to receiving.

Safely Grow Your Business

SynMed is both a Medication Synchronization and Medication Adherence strategy to drive 5 star ratings, achieve high rates of reimbursement, and attract new patients.

Further, the unique SynMed generated compliance label features both patient pictures and medication images; this enables pharmacies to market this output to Community Patients, Assisted Living, Retirement Homes, and LTC facilities, all of whom highly value these label features.

In summary, SynMed’s flexibility with single and multi-dose card formats, 400+ containers, high production rate, and unique compliance label with patient picture and drug images, are all unique differentiators vs. other blister automation technologies.

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Increase your profitability and productivity with secure, automated robotic storage & retrieval for retail pharmacies

RxSafe is the leader in automated, high density robotic storage and retrieval of stock bottles. Our products represent an evolutionary leap in pharmacy automation technology. Rather than simply automating fast-moving drugs, we provide secure robotic storage and retrieval for your entire pharmacy inventory.

How do we accomplish this? Stock bottles are stored behind locked doors and driven by a patented robot driven by proprietary software that will interface with your existing PMS. This allows you to:

Increase Profitability
RxSafe tracks your inventory in real-time, so you can know what and when to reorder, so you won’t be opening a second bottle, and so you know when to return drugs for credit. All this means less money sitting on your shelf, and more money to your bottom line.

Increase Productivity
Pharmacy staff waste untold hours on unnecessary and repetitive tasks like walking back and forth putting inventory away, filling canisters, checking if a particular drug is available for a customer, or counting CIIs. All of these tasks are handled effectively and efficiently by RxSafe, allowing you and your staff to focus on improving patient outcomes.

And, when you’re busy, the RxSafe really shines. Users report that a single operator can routinely fill up to 100 scripts per hour accurately.

Decrease Loss
While there are all sorts of reasons that inventory ‘disappears’, none of those reasons are good. Employee theft, miscounts from the supplier, stocking errors, or the absolute worst case—a filling error. RxSafe knows what should be in stock, and ensures that it is.

Decrease Space Required for Storage
RxSafe allows you to choose the right size solution for your pharmacy. Up to 5,400 native prescription containers fit in less than 40 square feet of space, or as few as 900 stock bottles in 10 square feet. If your space is tight, or there’s better use for the space, RxSafe is the solution.

Join the other independents, hospitals, clinics, military and institutional pharmacies that have selected RxSafe in the quest for a better pharmacy.

RxSafe RxSafe RxSafe RxSafe RxSafe
Pharmacy automation, rxsafe, robotic storage & retrieval for retail pharmacies

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ARxIUM delivers best-in-class technology and unparalleled expertise focused on helping pharmacies of all sizes and types improve safety, productivity and efficiency. We provide comprehensive and scalable pharmacy solutions for every segment of the pharmacy market – health systems, long-term care, retail, and central fill – designed with category-leading automation hardware and workflow software, and supported by unmatched industry knowledge.

FastFill - Vial Filling

Scalability, efficiency and cost control are the key values of our line of vial-filling solutions designed for community and outpatient pharmacies. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated robotic dispensing device or simply a better way to manage your fast-moving medications, our FastFill™ line can accommodate any script volume.


  • FastFill™ 220 is designed for pharmacies filling 500 to 1,000+ prescriptions per day.
  • FastFill™ 120 is designed for pharmacies filling 200 to 500 prescriptions per day.
  • FastFill™ 54 is a compact, expandable, smart solution that houses up to 54 oral solids and utilizes direct fill technology via dedicated chutes for each medication.

FastFind® Carousel

Uses the pharmacy’s available vertical height to increase the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) stored in the same footprint by up to 60 percent. The carousel concept allows technicians to retrieve medications from a single location and the ergonomic design minimizes bending and reaching by picking from waist height.

OptiFill™ - High Volume Solutions

High volume solutions from ARxIUM are custom-designed for hospital, long-term care, retail and government pharmacies. Our primary high volume solution, OptiFill™ is utilized by more pharmacies than any other system, processing more than 200 million prescriptions each year.

 MTS Medication Technologies
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Omnicell, Inc.

Automated, Patient-Specific Packaging, and Automated Dispensing

Omnicell® provides both fully and semi-automated packaging solutions to increase accuracy, reduce labor costs, and improve pharmacy workflow. Pharmacies can package medications as orders are received or pre-package medications for future need. Omnicell automation improves pharmacy workflow and streamlines medication inventory management resulting in improved cash flow for the pharmacy.

Omnicell’s family of automation products include OnDemand Accuflex® and OnDemand Express II™ for single-dose blister cards, and OnDemand 400 for multiple medication blister cards. The Omnicell M5000 is the first pharmacy automation system that fully automates the fulfillment of multiple medication blister cards. The M5000 increases productivity by generating filled, sealed, labeled, and audited cards. Omnicell automated medication and supply systems provide caregivers quick and secure access to new medication orders and emergency doses while capturing charges by NDC for accurate billing and compliance.

MTS- Pahrmacy Automation and Robotics On Demand express MTS- Pahrmacy Automation and Robotics On Demand express MTS- Pahrmacy Automation and Robotics On Demand express
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 Manchac Technologies
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Manchac Technologies

Manchac Technologies L.L.C.

Manchac’s DOSIS L60 is an automated 30 or 31-day blister card (a.k.a. bingo cards/punch cards) prescription fulfillment platform for pharmacies serving long term care, institutional, and correctional facilities.

DOSIS L60 automatically fills, seals and patient labels, hands-free, both the 30 and 31-day single medication blister cards.

The L60 has the ability to integrate seamlessly with your pharmacy management information system and can also be used for pre-pack and for after hours unattended filling. DOSIS allows you to pre-pack and on-demand fill simultaneously.

This easy to use system requires no software installation on your pharmacy computers and boasts a pharmacy friendly footprint of 26” deep x 43” wide x79” tall.

The Difference

The DOSIS L60 is the first viable robot that meets all your needs; whether it is handling your high moving drugs or supplementing your filling needs for the extemporaneous drugs in your formulary.

The L60’s advanced counting technology allows DOSIS to dispense directly into the blister card which enables it to dispense the quantity requested (7, 14, 28, 30 and 31), as well as eliminate cross-contamination issues. DOSIS has the ability, based on your pharmacy management information systems’ capabilities, to adhere to start dates and quantities for anniversary and/or calendar date filling.


Our patent-pending, revolutionary canister design gives you a universal one-size-fits-all solution, with a 1000cc drug capacity to count generics and brand name drugs with no user adjustments or calibrations.

Canisters are uniquely serialized and can be hot swapped from location to location and in and out of the cabinet without any dispensing downtime.


The L60 offers maximum value to you by minimizing the space required to achieve significant prescription throughput rates for all your filling needs.

The DOSIS L60 is safer and more accurate allowing you to better serve your customers.

Dosis Manchac logo

 Kirby Lester
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Kirby Lester

Kirby Lester Pharmacy Robotics and Dispensing Technology

Your pharmacy's business plan may include med synchronization, MTM, or preventing errors. These initiatives demand your time and full concentration, and require you to leverage your staff far beyond what they are doing today. But there will never be enough hours in the day as long as you still rely on manual processes to dispense scripts. That's where Kirby Lester pharmacy automation comes in. You'll free up valuable time by eliminating manual medication dispensing processes. You'll also prevent errors that sap time, money, and effort. Only then can you concentrate on the major initiatives ahead of you, build profit, and create the ideal customer experience at your pharmacy.

Kirby Lester's full lineup of pharmacy automation includes right-sized pharmacy robotics and tablet counters for every size operation — from pharmacies processing 50 prescriptions a day to thousands per day. Kirby Lester pharmacy automation takes care of the dispensing so you can concentrate on driving your business forward.

The world's most trusted tablet counters. The only affordable, compact pharmacy robots. The simplest error-preventing software. Let's find the perfect "Kirby" that will free you up to focus on your business plan.

  • Kirby Lester KL60 and KL100 pharmacy robots: The only compact, hassle-free systems with FillSafe® technology onboard to prevent the wrong medication from being filled into the wrong cassette. The KL60 handles 35-45% of your daily orders, while the KL100 gives an extra efficiency boost, automating 50% or more. The KL60 and KL100 automatically label, count and dispense your top movers with minimal daily upkeep needed. Simple installation and fast, trouble-free operation set these robots apart.
  • Kirby Lester KL1: Affordable counting device in a small footprint that eliminates expensive overcounts/undercounts. The “gold-standard” in counting accuracy. Needs no calibration or adjustments to count almost any tablet or capsule. Fast operation (15/18 tablets per second), ideal for inventory, simple operation.
  • Kirby Lester KL1Plus: Combines the best-selling KL1 counter with simple scan-verification software -- your "safety net" against errors. All pharmacy orders (tablets, capsules and unit-of-use items) are verified so your patient receives the right medication, dosage and quantity every time. Ideal partner for any pharmacy robot for 100% verification and counting assurance.
  • Kirby Lester KL20 and KL30 counting and error-prevention systems: The KL20 is a full-featured verification and counting system including user-tracking. It can even be modified to include fast hands-free dispensing via accurate cassettes. The KL20 and KL30 dispense and verify 100% of medications to ensure you are dispensing the right NDC. They alert you to a wrong medication, dosage or quantity. The KL20 and KL30 include built-in workflow software, inventory tools, customized work prompts, bar code scanning, onscreen drug images and much more. The KL30 even automates the dispensing of your top 30 (or more) oral solids via cassettes, with a unique double-count function.
  • Kirby Lester High-Volume Series: KL25, KL50ic/icf and KL200 workhorse systems are ideal for pre-packing, bottling and validation counting, in long-term care or specialty pharmacy and manufacturing settings. Also ideal for plug-in and walk-away counting in retail pharmacy.
Kirby Lester Pill Counters
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Engineering the Safer Pharmacy

AutoPharm® Enterprise, a powerful software platform, manages your inventory across your health system. Its enterprise-wide inventory management system helps our customers with accurate drug tracking, simplifying workflow processes and improving efficiency. The software platform allows you to manage your complete pharmacy inventory from arrival in the pharmacy to the patient care area. AutoPharm Enterprise also helps you to reduce medication waste by adopting package-sharing and centralized distribution methods. The solution provides a complete view of purchasing, dispensing and productivity data ensuring inventory and drug shortages are more effectively managed. Talyst is an award-winning company with more than 700 hospitals and integrated healthcare customers.

Talyst-Pharmacy Automation and Robotics Talyst-Pharmacy Automation and Robotics Talyst-Pharmacy Automation and Robotics
pharmacy automation companies robotics prescription processing technology pharmacy robotic dispensing system workflow management medication error prevention dispensing Scriptpro SP 200 SP100 Parata rds pacmed Innovation dispensing error reduction efficient high volume bio JHACO filling robot AutoPack™ AutoLabel™ AutoSplit 340B Kirby Lester Tablet Counters Barcode to Dose™ Solution AutoPharm® with AutoCarousel™

 Noritsu Medical
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Noritsu Medical

Pharmacy Automation Solutions

Increase accuracy, improve throughput, and save space in your facility, while reducing labor. Whether adding strip or blister packaging equipment to your existing workflow, introducing verification to your pharmacy, or building a pharmacy from the ground up, Noritsu Medical Group offers state of the art pharmacy automation solutions.

We’ve done the legwork to find the best products in the industry. By offering an assortment of products, we provide flexibility in finding solutions that fit your unique business requirements.

Noritsu has over 35 years’ experience in workflow automation, integration, implementation, service and support. Our product line includesunit-dose and multi-dose packaging, labeling, and medication delivery hardware and software as well as integration and implementation. Our nationwide service team is directly employed, not contracted, with an average tenure of 14 years. From initial workflow analysis system implementation to equipment support, Noritsu builds long term relationships with its customers.

Strip Packaging Systems for Unit/Multi Dose: The Xana 4001 / 3002

Accurate, fast, and reliable, Xana strip packagers feature a unique design engineered around efficient pharmacy workflow. Predictive software prompts operators to add stock at the most beneficial time in order keep production uninterrupted. The space saving vertical drawer design stores and secures up to 400 unique oral solid NDC cassettes and allows easy refilling and stock rotation, while the patented "Intelligent Feeder" system ensures the highest level of accuracy.

You don’t have to be an engineer to appreciate the build quality of this equipment. Once you see, hear, and feel how smoothly the Xana operates, you’ll have confidence in its reliability. Reliable equipment means you can spend more time building your business.

  • Package, print, and dispense up to 50 multi-dose pouches a minute
  • Precise dispensing and packaging with the "Intelligent Feeder" system
  • "Built to Last" - Best in class build quality, backed with nationwide service and support
  • High-quality pouch printing-include patient data and photo ID clearly printed on the pouch
  • Easy to use interface that can be integrated into virtually any workflow

Medication Detection and Verification Machines: The MDM Series

The MDM series of detection systems are state of the art in medication pouch dose verification. Built with durability and accuracy in mind, an MDM system can increase your workflow dramatically by quickly checking every pouch for accuracy against a library of medications.

  • Three models available to fit the needs of any size facility
  • Quickly and accurately verify color, shape, and quantity of medications
  • Proprietary software archives color images of each pouch
  • Unique pill separation system to reduce chances of false alarms
  • Integrated verification reports for easy sign off by pharmacists and technicians
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 MEPS Real-Time, Inc.
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Intelliguard® RFID Solutions for Critical Inventory

MEPS Real-Time, Inc.

Assuring the correct medication is available for patient care is vital to patient safety. At the same time, excessive inventory holding costs, expired medication waste and needless work can be a drain on hospital financial and staff resources. With Intelliguard® RFID Solutions, manual counting and item-level scanning are eliminated, and pharmacy management receives real-time actionable data for evidence-based decision making.
The MEPS® Real-Time suite of Intelliguard® Solutions leverage RFID technology for better tracking of medication expiration dates, NDCs, lot numbers and temperature; reduce errors from manual tasks, and allow insight to optimum drug inventory levels. Our systems are contracted for over 100 units in hospital pharmacies across the country and Canada to:

  • monitor drug expiration dates, NDCs, lot numbers, and temperature;
  • provide management insight to optimum drug inventory levels
  • increase staff efficiency by eliminating manual counting and item-level scanning through automation;
  • improve patient safety through medication error prevention;
  • enhance diversion prevention

Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System

The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray management System uses advanced RFID technology to automate medication inventory management and replenishment for kits, trays and tackle boxes. With the ability to read high-density trays, multi-layer tackle boxes and overlapping medication labels, this revolutionary system can scan more than 150 medications in seconds.

  • Increase accuracy of identifying expired, soon-to-expire and recalled medications
  • Decrease replenishment time
  • Reduce the cost of held inventory
  • Improve patient safety

"The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System has significantly improved accuracy and reduced pharmacy replenishment time from between 5 to 45 minutes to three minutes, even with trays containing more than 120 items. My staff can now focus more on patient care and I have more confidence that important floor stock medication, including many that are used in critical emergencies, are properly replenished." — Shannon “JJ” Johnson, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy, Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, CA

Ergonomically Designed Workstations Sized to Fit Your Pharmacy

Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System is available in multiple ergonomic configurations and sizes to meet the often limited space requirements of main hospital pharmacies and satellite pharmacies. Unique form factors include:

  • All-In-One Workstation
  • Countertop Workstation
  • Undercounter Workstation

The Intelliguard® RFID Smart Tag:

  • Provides 100% accurate read rate when combined with our patented and exclusive workstations and software
  • Small tag size does not obscure the FDA-approved label provided by the drug manufacturer
  • Easily fits on ampules and small vials and offers a single RFID tag solution for all medication packaging including syringes, ampules, vials, boxes and bags
  • Allows for ampules and vials to easily fit in pockets of trays, kits and boxes

Intelliguard® Inventory Management System

The Intelliguard® Inventory Management System offers RFID-enabled Controlled Temperature Cabinets to provide real-time utilization and inventory management of high-value, critical dose pharmaceutical stock. The Intelliguard® Inventory Management System offers settings for Cold (2° - 8°C) or Controlled Room Temperature (20° - 25°C) storage and is available in multiple sizes—from small under-counter to large-capacity models.

Using the latest RFID technology, the Intelliguard® Inventory Management System provides automated visibility to dispensing and loading activity, with no item-level scanning or manually counting. Pharmacy management can immediately identify shortages to avoid stock-outs that can put patients at risk, and the system allows staff to quickly find and remove expired or recalled medication. With the Intelliguard® Inventory Management system, you can confidently right-size inventory to reduce quantities and pre-paid inventory costs. Actionable management alerts and reports keep you connected:

  • PAR-levels
  • Dispensing and loading activity
  • Expiration dates and lot numbers
  • Re-order needs
  • Temperature
  • Recalls

Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc)™, offered exclusively by FFF Enterprises

VIPc™ is a product consignment program that utilizes RFID technology to continuously monitor critical-care products, freeing providers to focus on patient care. Chief among VIPc’s advantages is that it eliminates product carrying costs, while making sure products are available when they are needed. Facilities will be equipped with cabinet(s) for storage of the consignment products. Cabinets are available in three sizes and can be used as either cold or controlled room-temperature units.

With VIPc’s RFID technology, product inventory levels, temperature and expiration dates are monitored continuously. Products are automatically replenished and facilities are only charged for product that is used. Furthermore, VIPc preemptively pulls and replaces product well before its beyond-use date, so there is no liability for expired product.

MEPS Supply Chain/RIFD Medication Error Prevention System MEPS RFID Solutions
MEPS real time on supply chain. Medication Error Prevention Systems and RIFD Solutions with critical-dose medication dispensing and State-of-the-Art RFID Technology patient safety in medication dispensing with PC-based and HL7 Compliant Software. RFID Automated Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) with Patient Bedside Reader. intelliguard RFID Solutions for Critical Inventory

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Helping Pharmacies Optimize Prescription Fulfillment and Patient Outcomes

Innovation is a leading provider of Pharmacy Intelligence™, pharmacy automation, and high volume pharmacy systems to the retail, hospital, federal healthcare, and mail order pharmacy markets. Our PharmASSIST® family of pharmacy automation and process optimization solutions enable all types of pharmacies to increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, and provide a higher quality of patient care. Leveraging our unparalleled Pharmacy Intelligence™, pharmacies can right-size their automation, map out an attainable growth path, and optimize their entire operation, all while developing an ROI that validates their decision before investing.

Scalable Solutions that Grow With Your Pharmacy
Scalability truly defines our products. Each product is a building block to the next. You can start with the basics with any PharmASSIST product or combination of products to address your immediate requirements. Then as your prescription volumes grow and your requirements evolve, you can leverage your existing automation and upgrade with minimal operational disruption and complete compatibility with all your existing systems.

PharmASSIST High Volume Solutions Custom designed high volume systems employing various robotics technologies, counting technologies, conveying, compliance packaging, and pack-and-ship technologies, all driven by our PharmASSIST Symphony high volume workflow and operational management software
PharmASSIST Symphony® Workflow and operational management software (standard and high volume versions)
PharmASSIST Symphony+ Workflow and operational management software and cabinet-based counting technology
PharmASSIST ROBOTx® Robotic dispensing
PharmASSIST SmartCabinet® Cabinet-based counting technology
PharmASSIST SmartScale® Countertop counting scale
Eyecon™ Countertop visual counting technology
RxCollect™ Robotic prescription collation technology

Intelligent Dispensing Drives Prescription Throughput
The Model 4 dispenser is the cornerstone of all our dispensing technologies and a key component of our Pharmacy Intelligence initiatives. The Model 4 stores, counts, and dispenses all types of tablet/capsule medications – all simultaneously – within our cabinet-based, robotic, and high volume solutions.

  • Breakthrough Falcon Detection™ technology, self calibrates the counting of new medications, enabling you to add new medications to dispensers immediately without making software-controlled or mechanical adjustments.
  • Delivers in-depth analysis by capturing all dispenser activity in conjunction with our PharmASSIST Symphony database and providing actionable data to our Pharmacy Intelligence.

Smart Strategy Powered by Pharmacy Intelligence
Pharmacy Intelligence is our unique combination of application-based data analytics, computer-animated process simulation, and Lean Six Sigma process analysis.

  • Assesses operational risk, optimizes system designs and processes, and accurately forecasts results.
  • Delivers substantiated answers before you invest in automation and helps you avoid incurring the costs of implementing and then changing a live system.

Saves you invaluable time, resources, and capital, and gives you complete confidence in your system design, growth path, and automation decisions.

Professional Services Optimize Pharmacy Operations
Our Professional Services team helps you achieve your business goals by optimizing your pharmacy fulfillment-related processes. Using proven project management and development methodologies combined with unmatched workflow, operations, and technology experience, our team deepens our understanding of your pharmacy operation and provides solutions to help you achieve tangible results.

  • Pharmacy Intelligence
  • Workflow & Process Optimization
  • Pharmacy Operations Management
  • Product/System Consulting
  • Pharmacy Business Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
  • Compliance & Regulatory
Symphony ROBOTx Eyecon RxSafe

 Pharmacy Automation Supplies
Booth #8461
Pharmacy Automation Supplies

Tired of paying too much for the consumables used in your automation or robot?

Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS) is your solution. Most pharmacies aren’t aware that they have a choice of supplier for the consumables used in their automation device and as a result may be overpaying. Whether you use a vial filling robot, strip/pouch packaging machine, specialty label applicator, or have blister packaging automation PAS is proud to be one of the only manufacturers to offer 100% compatible supplies directly to the end user. Eliminating brokers, middlemen, and other third parties who resell supplies (like the robot companies themselves) is one of the biggest things pharmacies can do to maximize their investment in automation and reduce the total cost to fill a prescription.

If your pharmacy uses custom artwork on labels or any other consumables PAS has an internal state of the art graphics team that can make sure your pharmacy branding stays consistent no matter how the prescription is being filled. Pharmacy Automation Supplies also carries stock kits for all major automation devices that providing the flexibility of same day releases with long run pricing.

Like all PAS products, consumables for automation are backed by our 100% compatible service level agreement. We go to great lengths to assure that we match our kits to the exact specifications set forth by your robot company and are in full compliance with all FDA requirements. Supported automation devices include:

  • Parata Max
  • Parata RDS
  • Scriptpro SP-200
  • Scriptpro SP-100
  • Kirby Lester KL-60
  • Kirby Lester KL-100
  • Innovation
  • Automed Fastfill
  • RXMedic ADS
  • Custom HVS vial filling automation for Central Fill/Mail Order
  • And More

PAS recognizes that the products we manufacture are relied on to perform every day in the demanding world of pharmacy. Our reputation for quality and responsiveness to the changing needs of our customers & the industry has helped fuel our growth over the past 100 years from a small printing company to one of the most counted on suppliers in the industry.

Contact one of our support specialists today to learn how our solutions can support your operations AND help save you money in an increasingly competitive marketplace!

Thermal Label Rolls Blister Cards Family Bags
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 ScriptPro Robotics
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ScriptPro Robotics

ScriptPro’s Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

ScriptPro designs systems with various size and configuration options that offer flexibility and maximum scalability.

ScriptPro installed the retail pharmacy industry’s first truly hands-free robotic dispensing automation in 1997.

Those first systems are still working and filling prescriptions after 15 years because ScriptPro guarantees support for 10+ years. Improvements to ScriptPro robots are retrofittable, so you won’t be stuck with an obsolete system.

No matter what your prescription volume is, or the size of your pharmacy, we have a robotic solution for you.

  • Lower your cost to dispense.
  • Free your staff for other productive business.
  • Simple cell calibration

SP Central Workflow + Robot

By implementing a ScriptPro Robot + SP Central Workflow System, your pharmacy will track and dispense 100% of your prescriptions with the highest level of accuracy, efficiency, and personalized service to customers.

SP Central Pharmacy Management Systems

Customers ranked ScriptPro’s SP Central PMS #1 in the category of Software Solutions — Pharmacy — Outpatient (Retail) in the “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report.

Additional Automation Products from ScriptPro.

  • Telepharmacy for communities.
  • Telepharmacy for Sterile Room Medication Preparation.
  • Pharmacy Services Portal.
  • ScriptPro Inventory Management.
pharmacy automation companies robotics prescription processing technology pharmacy robotic dispensing system workflow management medication error prevention dispensing Scriptpro SP 200 SP100 Parata rds pacmed Innovation dispensing error reduction robots prescription dispensing

 Medical Packaging
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Medical Packaging

Medical Packaging Inc. (MPI), a global healthcare packaging solutions provider for over 40 years, provides innovative pharmacy packaging solutions for packaging oral solid and oral liquid medication, and overwrapping and labeling of ampoules, vials and syringes, which contribute to saving patient’s lives by reducing medication errors while also increasing efficiency and automation in pharmacy packaging operations.

MPI’s pharmacy packaging solutions, which include the packaging system, MPI-certified consumable materials and MPI’s exclusive Pak-EDGE™ UD Barcode Labeling Software, have been developed in adherence to industry specifications and meet the requirements of governing regulatory bodies for the repackaging of medication into unit dose. Optional integration to First DataBank™ drug data, imprints and images library, assists the pharmacy in reducing potential dispensing errors and increasing safety and efficiency.

MPI’s solutions for packaging oral solid medication include the Auto-Print™ Standard packaging system, which packages sixty (60) packages per minute (ppm), the Auto-Print™ Express 90 packaging system, which packages ninety (90) packagers per minute (ppm), and the Auto-Print™ Punch Cut Machine, which packages forty-five (45) packages per minute (ppm) and produces unit dose packages with a punched hole in the upper half of the package specifically for use with centralized, robotic systems. Additional functionality can be achieved through the optional Oral Solid Feeder attachment, which packages bulk medication from the bottle into individual unit dose packages, the Variable Length Option, which allows for adjustment to the package length to accommodate packaging of non-standard sized tablets or capsules, and the Barcode Verifier Option, which automatically scans each package to assure that the printed barcode can be accurately scanned at the bedside.

MPI’s solutions for packaging oral liquid medication include the FluidoseSeries™ 5h packaging system for packaging medication into unit dose cups and the Auto-Draw™ Syringe Filling System for packaging medication into oral syringes.

The Fluidose™ Series 5h, which packages twenty-two (22) packages per minute (ppm), dependent upon fill rate and viscosity, produces a single, bar-coded, unit dose package containing liquid medication to be delivered to the bedside. Fluidose™ Series 5 is compliant with The Joint Commission (TJC) regulations for dispensing oral liquid medication and is capable of dispensing volumes between 1 mL and 40mL. Additional functionality can be achieved through the Barcode Verifier Option, which automatically scans each package to assure that the printed barcode can be accurately scanned at the bedside.

The Auto-Draw™ Oral Syringe Filling System is a semi-automatic solution that is capable of filling most oral slip syringes up to 50 mL in volume of varying viscosities providing the solution for batch filling of syringes with speed, accuracy and repeatability. Filling operations can be completed in a manner of seconds and no additional software is required. MPI’s Auto-Draw™ is ideally used for doses of oral liquid medication less than 5 mL or for those medications that are not typically packaged in unit dose cups or are not commercially available in unit dose.

MPI’s solutions for ancillary packaging include overwrapping and labeling solutions for ampoules, vials and syringes. MPI’s overwrapping solutions include the Pharmacy Accessory Bagging System (PABS), which produces up to thirty-five (35) filled and sealed packages per minute. Labeling and bar-coding is done directly on the bag, eliminating costly labels and allowing for customization of the barcode. Bags are available in several different sizes to accommodate even the most irregularly sized items. MPI’s Auto-Print™ Max Bagger, packages in bags with a punched hole in the upper half of the package specifically for use with centralized, robotic systems.

MPI’s labeling solutions include the Pharmacy Accessory Label Printer (PALP), which are offered with either direct thermal or thermal transfer technology to quickly and efficiently print accurate bar-coded labels for placement on ampoules, vials and syringes. Labels are available in several different styles to accommodate all labeling needs. MPI’s Auto-Wrap Syringe Labeling System, with labeling and wrapping speed of up to twenty (20) syringes per minute, automates the process of labeling syringes and assists in increasing production throughput while reducing repetitive stress injuries (RSI) by producing a printed label and automatically wrapping it around a syringe in one single motion. The Auto-Wrap™ can accommodate any type of oral or injectable syringe from ½ mL to 60 mL without any need for adjustment or changing of parts. Open-faced design allows for easy loading of label stock and access to all controls.

For more information regarding the products and services offered by Medical Packaging Inc., please visit the link provided below.

Auto-Print� II Fluidose� Series 5 Auto-Print� Bagging System Pharmacy Accessory Label Printer
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 Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI)
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Cornerstone Automation Systems

Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) designs, manufactures, installs, and services pharmacy automation solutions to retail store, mail order, long-term care and correctional pharmacies. We address all production functions including bulk drug ordering & receiving, pre-packaging, on-demand packaging, pill canister replenishment, dispensing, picking, labeling, sorting, documentation printing, bagging, boxing, weighing, shipping, and more. Our modular Next Generation Pharmacy Automation product line handles bottles, vials, single-dose cards, multi-dose cards, and unit of use (UOU) items. We can pre-pack pills or package pills on demand. Additionally, through advanced technology, packaged product can be automatically patient labeled without the need for pharmacist verification. If full or sample pharmacist verification is still desired, prescription validation, label checking, and canister fill verification can all be virtually inspected by pharmacists at remote workstations. Also, CASI offers total functionality pharmacy software, called SolidSuiteRx, which interfaces with any Pharmacy Information System, logistics provider, shipping company, or other pharmacy control software to seamlessly tie in the product line. SolidSuiteRX directs, controls, and tracks every operation within the pharmacy production arena, from forecasting bulk demand to verifying delivered patient prescriptions.

Next Generation Pharmacy Automation

CASI has developed a Next Generation Pharmacy Automation (NGPA) product line. Already being used by the second largest pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom, and by the Department of Veterans Affairs Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacies (CMOPs) in the United States, this pharmacy automation equipment is the first of its kind. It advances the state-of-the-art and does for prescription assembly what the robotic car production line did for automobile assembly. The modular platform, which handles all aspects of pharmacy production, is positioned to revolutionize the pharmacy industry. It is the foundation of a dispensing model for which the UK government suggests could potentially cover up to two-thirds of England’s dispensing volume. It is also the common platform for which the US government envisions to dispense 100% of all US Veteran mail order refill prescriptions.

Unique Technology
  • CASI Technology offers 0% drug cross-contamination through either physical contact or airborne dust.
  • CASI Technology has 100% pill count accuracy to avoid oral solid dispensing shortages and overages.
  • CASI Technology avoids use of pills broken beyond a settable threshold by performing vision inspection.
  • CASI Technology automatically labels (flat, flag, or tadpole) Unit of Use boxes and bottles using robots.
  • CASI Technology fully automates documentation printing, folding, queueing, inserting, and verifying.
  • CASI Technology provides automatic bagging of orders using a CASI Automated Retracting Tote (CART).
  • CASI Technology optionally allows “anywhere” remote pharmacist inspection and approval operation.
  • CASI Technology incorporates robotic delivery and return of pill canisters to and from automation lines.
Modular Platform
  • A modular design provides for a building block solution affording easy future expansion of capacity.
  • The modular design also reduces complexity, increases reliability, and offers redundancy capabilities.
  • Modules are equipped with wheels allowing for easy site positioning and future new site re-deployment.
  • All modules are “plug and play” (just roll them in, set their feet, attach the feeds, and plug them in).
  • The modules are organized in a modular fashion with common Ethernet, air, and power connections.
  • All modules make use of a common set of reliable parts, reducing the need for large spares depots.
  • Each module is equipped with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to allow for graceful shutdown.
Enhanced Security
  • Orders are filled in a CASI Automated Retracting Tote (CART) that prevents physical access to items.
  • Orders have full traceability and event recording throughout system, which allows easy troubleshooting.
  • System logs all operator actions by user and allows full auditing for determination of action responsibility.
  • Pill canisters are each equipped with a tamper-resistant and tamper-evident auto locking mechanism.
  • Filling modules are equipped with fingerprint recognition devices to restrict access to pill canisters.
  • Pill canisters anonymously containing Controlled Drugs are placed in non-disclosed carousel locations.
Patient Order Safety
  • During replenishment, pills are assigned and placed into a pill canister with a unique barcode identifier.
  • Pill canister barcodes are read and compared continuously; a canister is not used if a mismatch occurs.
  • During filling, each pill to be packaged is automatically vision-checked for correct pill form and size.
  • Each puck or card carrier has a unique RFID that is tracked and verified during pill packaging process.
  • Each completed pill package is weighed and verified against a calculated expected package weight.
  • Each CASI Automated Retracting Tote (CART) has a unique barcode identifier to track orders in progress.
  • Each bagged order is automatically weighed and verified against a calculated expected order weight.
Additional Features
  • Every module utilizing robots has doors that sense opening and automatically shut off robot movement.
  • The system implements Emergency Cut Off devices to halt automation equipment in an emergency.
  • Energy efficient and quiet conveyor components turn on and off automatically per zone as needed.
  • Modules incorporate redundant components allowing continued operation during a component failure.
  • Operator handling of bottles, vials, and cards with exceptions bypasses sealing to allow easy inspection.
  • Operator handling of totes with exceptions occurs before automatic bagging to allow easy inspection.
  • Automatic bagging can automatically route orders to a bagging module with appropriately sized bag.
  • Pill packaging can automatically select and fill multiple bottle/vial sizes or multiple blister card types.

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The Cadet® Vantage Series Solid Unit Dose/Barcode packaging systems use thermal transfer printing to allow easy readability of text, and accurate scanning of barcodes. All major barcodes are included. We offer four versions of solid unit dose packaging systems, with several options.

Choices of the Cadet® Vantage Series are:


  • Speed 60/minute
  • Package Size 1.25", 1.37", 1.50", 1.56", 2.00" and 2.20" high x 2.0” wide
  • 300 dpi thermal transfer printing
  • Linear & 2D barcode capability

Cadet Twin® 2x2

  • Speed 120/minute
  • Package Size 1.25", 1.37", 1.50", 1.56", 2.00" and 2.20" high x 2.0” wide
  • 300 dpi thermal transfer printing
  • Linear & 2D barcode capability
  • Pill Camera
  • Biometric Scanner

The Cadet Twin® is also available with a 1.5” wide package.

Numerous AccuPrint® Thermal Transfer Printers are available, including color printers, for printing barcode labels, product identification and other kinds of labels for pharmacy use. The labels can be very small labels, large labels or “Flag Labels”. The widths can be as small as 0.5” up to 8.0”. Label design software and on-site training are included.

The Punch Cadet® does Robotic and Regular packaging:

Punch Cadet® (Robotic)

  • Speed 30/minute
  • Package Size 3.0” high x 2.5” wide

Punch Cadet® (Regular)

  • Speed 60/minute
  • Package Size 1.5” high x 2.5” wide

The Cadet® Vantage Series Liquid UD Packaging System

Liquid Unit Dose/Barcode packaging system uses 300 dpi thermal transfer printing. The Speedy Wet Cadet® can be used for small runs of 5 to 10 doses at a time or much larger runs of 100’s of doses at a time. The accuracy is +/- 1% with volumes from 1 ml. to 30 ml. Customers use the Vantage Speedy Wet Cadet® for non-available or non-barcoded liquid unit doses, or to save money by buying in bulk and repackaging (sometimes saving up to $1.00 per dose).

Speedy Wet Cadet®

  • Maximum speed 32/minute
  • Repeater™ Pump
  • Cup Size 22 ml. or 44 ml.
  • Linear & 2D barcode capability
  • Password Protection
  • Biometric Scanner

The Cadet®, Cadet Twin®, Cadet Twin® 2x2, Punch Cadet®, and Speedy Wet Cadet® are trademarks of Euclid Spiral Paper Tube Corp.

Accu-Chart Cadet Packaging Accu-Chart Cadet Accu-Chart Cadet Twin 2x2 Barcoding Printer Punch Cadet Speedy Wet Cadet
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 Scientific Industries, Inc.
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Scientific Industries, Inc.

DRX-500s Cloud

The DRX-500s Cloud is Torbal’s newest, top of the line pill counting scale. The scale mixes speed, accuracy, and an all-around ruggedness to provide a terrific return on investment in just weeks. Our pill counter connects to a Cloud Server via the internet where it transmits information back and forth during transactions. The server is preloaded with over 3,000 drug piece weights and provides access to the entire NDC drug database.

In addition, the cloud server provides its supervisors with an intuitive administrative panel to monitor all activity amongst the connected scales. The panel provides access to login permissions, transaction details, user activity, and email reporting & alerts for miscounts. The cloud server can be shared amongst all of the users, minimalizing updating responsibilities, or a private database can be configured specifically for you. The best part is the DRX-500s Cloud requires no setup, simply just plug and play!


  • Preloaded National Drug Code directory and Drug Weight Database
  • Ultra-Fast Counting with direct vial filling
  • Superb Inventory Counter
  • Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy
  • Pill Fragment Detection
  • Rx and NDC Verification
  • Private Online Cloud Account for detailed reporting and activity monitoring
  • Automatic E-mail Reporting and Instant E-mail Alerts for user caused miscounts
  • Automatic updating with Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy (APA)
  • Quick User Barcode login options
  • Prescription Size Tracking
  • Onscreen Instructions
  • Premium High Performance Laser Barcode Scanner
  • Transaction Printing
  • NTEP Certified and Legal for Trade

Counts 100 Tablets in Less Than 20 Seconds
A typical pill counting transaction of 60 pills, performed on a DRX500 scale connected to the TORBAL server is made in three easy steps, and can be performed under 20 seconds. The steps are simple: tare the vial, scan the NDC located on the supply bottle, and fill the count. During each count the scale displays the name of the drug and other important drug information.

Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy
APA is an advanced pill counting algorithm that quickly and efficiently adjusts for pill weight variations providing even greater accuracy when filling prescriptions. The feature is very easy to use and requires little user interaction. This system not only improves counting accuracy, it also speeds up the process significantly and eliminates the need for the pharmacist to count pills manually when updating average piece weights.

Interactive Administration Panel
The software is easily accessed and viewed with the use of a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Once logged-in, the administrators have access to detailed graphs, charts, and reports, of performed transactions. The admin panel is also used to setup users and configure the server. Each server offers great flexibility and can be configured to fit particular pharmacies needs and requirements.

Automatic Email Reporting and Alerts
The TORBAL server generates and automatically emails daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports which include details about performed counting transactions, verifications, most frequently counting drugs, as well as detailed user activity. When using features such as prescription size or Rx verification, the TORBAL server monitors and records pill counting transactions to make sure that verification was performed successfully and that the count was filled accurately. If a user causes a miscount, by filling too many or not enough pills as required, or if a user fails Rx verification, the server instantly sends out an email alert to all administrators with a notification.

Rx NDC Verification
The NDC verification feature eliminates potential errors in prescription filling. It ensures that a prescription is correctly counted and filled. The feature allows the user to compare two NDC codes and check for a match. The NDC on your Rx label barcode is compared to the stock bottle barcode. If the two scanned NDC codes are the same the scale displays "Match OK" and allows you to proceed with pill counting. If the codes are different, the scale displays a "Failed" message. Pill counting transactions which have failed Rx verification are recorded by the server in a dedicated report. As soon as "Failed" Rx verification occurs the server instantly sends out an email alert notifying the administrators.

Fulcrum Torbal Prescription Balances - Pharmacy Automation & Robotics Systems Fulcrum Torbal Prescription Balances - Pharmacy Automation & Robotics Systems Fulcrum Torbal Prescription Balances - Pharmacy Automation & Robotics Systems Fulcrum Torbal Prescription Balances - Pharmacy Automation & Robotics Systems Fulcrum Torbal Prescription Balances - Pharmacy Automation & Robotics Systems
DRX-200, DRX-300 DRX-500 DRX-5, DRX-4 DRX-3 TORBAL NTEP certified as prescription scales pill counting features Tablet & Capsule Counters NDC Barcode Verification Scanning Compounding Scales with readability of 1mg No cross-contamination Pill Counting Verification eliminates potential errors in prescription filling compounding features will add up the recipe ingredients print a detailed receipt thermal printers

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