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The Complete and Intuitive Pharmacy Management System

Complete and Flexible Pharmacy Management
QS/1®’s NRx is designed to meet your pharmacy-specific needs. Process new prescriptions and refills quickly with minimal keystrokes or mouse clicks.

InstantFill® automatically queues IVR and web refills and prints labels. With Pharmacy at a Glance, monitor critical areas from any workstation throughout the day. Health-Minder™ can be used to track adherence and compliance issues to produce better outcomes.

Enhance Your Business
Capitalize on programs, such as 340B, specialty medications, immunizations, nursing home/facility management and Medication Therapy Management (MTM). As your needs evolve, add capabilities such as:

  • Workflow
  • Will Call Bin Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Document Imaging
  • CoverMyMeds® Prior Authorization
  • Emdeon CardFinder™ Eligibility Checking
  • Health Market Science Electronic Prescriber Updates

NRx fully integrates with other QS/1 systems and services, including Point-of-Sale, SystemOne® for HME, IVR, Web Refill Services and Multi-Site Management (MSM™).

Prescription Point of Sale Systems and pharmacy POS Hardware for Pharmacies electronic signature capture HIPAA compliant JCAHO inventory management scanner cash register cash drawer secure chain community retail outpatient independent will call integration with IVR and automation Cash and Transaction Management Scan Prescriptions at the Register Promo Manager Transaction Log Viewing

 Transaction Data / RX30
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Transaction Data / RX30

The Pharmacy Management System

The Rx30 Pharmacy System provides your pharmacy incomparable Prescription Filling, Nursing Home, Consulting, Accounts Receivable, Workflow Management, Signature Capture, IV processing, Compounding, Integrated POS Solutions and an abundance of value-added vendor interfaces to provide you a total turnkey dispensing solution. Whether you are a small independent start-up filling 30 prescriptions a day or a 100+ independent chain operation filling 1500 prescriptions a day - Rx30 is the perfect solution!

Prescription Processing

Prescription processing is the heart of Rx30's Pharmacy Management Software. Rx30's tremendous growth over the past several years is attributed to a well coordinated blend of independent pharmacist input and unparalleled programming expertise. Having the concept of how it should ideally function is important, but also making it smoothly operate in the reality of a hectic work environment - is critical to your needs. Rx30 has created a proven, successful balance of coordinating Pharmacist expertise with programming know-how to create a Pharmacy Management System that is extremely efficient, powerful, user-friendly, and yet extremely adaptable to the continual change in market demands! You'll simply love how Rx30 functions in your pharmacy!!

Rx30's Pharmacy Management System contains all of the complex tools required of today's pharmacist. From refilling prescriptions in seconds, to being alerted and guided through drug interactions, duplicate therapies and allergies, or giving you the ability to scan in the hard copy prescription, track workflow, instantly find Dr. NPI/DEA information, print built-in Medication Guides, view internal Facts & Comparisons, reconcile EOB's electronically, send outbound compliance emails, adjudicate claims in 1-3 seconds, and in the very near future - receive Dr. faxes into Rx30 as internal images! It’s not hard to see that this in not your ordinary Pharmacy Management System!

Check out just a few Rx30 features that are included at NO extra charge!:

  • Dr. NPI/DEA Lookup
  • Pill Imaging
  • Internal Facts and Comparisons
  • Internal Medication Guides
  • Enhanced Workflow
  • Emailing for Compliance!

Rx30 Point of Sale

The Rx30 Point of Sale System is designed for our customers that desire seamless product integration to the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System, complete two-way data communication, FSA/CC ready functionality, Total management of pharmacy Rx/OTC product lines, and provides the satisfying comfort of knowing that you are supported by a single source vendor that is committed to the service and support of it all! Better yet, you will be thrilled to find that you can finally have an integrated Point of Sale System at the price that you’ve been wanting for so long!

Through the years, you've trusted Rx30 to produce the best. Now, with the addition of our NEW Rx30 POS, you’ll see that we’ve once again delivered, and delivered at a price that truly makes sense for your Independent Pharmacy!!

Take a look at a few of Rx30’s POS features:

  • Full online Credit/Debit card processing
  • Full Rx30 Pharmacy Management System integration
  • Integration with Rx30 Accounts Receivable Program
  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Application
  • Wholesaler Product load and Pricing file updating
  • Integrated Electronic P.O's - OTC and Rx
  • Inventory Control
  • Rx Tracking features: Relationship linking, Rx linking
  • Electronic Signature Capture - CC/Hipaa/3rd party logs
  • Wireless Inventory Scanning - Optional
  • Much, much more...
RX30 POS Software
Rx30 Pharmacy System and transaction data systems on software and fulfillment prescription process and point of sale software. interfaces that provide Prescription Filling, Nursing Home, Consulting, Accounts Receivable, Workflow Management, Signature Capture, IV processing, Compounding. Integrated POS Solutions with Rx30 Point of Sale on POS integration to the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System.

 Best Computer Systems, Inc.
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Best Computer Systems, Inc.

Your search for the best Pharmacy Management System ends here. Best Computer Systems (BCS) offers you an incredibly robust, user friendly and affordable Pharmacy Management System. The "BestRxWin" system from BCS is the cutting edge Pharmacy Management software for independent pharmacies. The "BestRxWin" system is extremely easy to use, and requires little to no training. Currently we have over 800 installations of the "BestRxWin" system nationwide and are continuously growing.

Since 1985 Best Computer Systems (BCS) has been providing cutting edge software solutions for pharmacies and retail stores at an affordable price. We know that pharmacists are looking for ways to reduce their costs while increasing their productivity, and we believe we can help achieve this goal. Our pharmacy management and point-of-sales applications use the latest technologies and are extremely easy to use. This ensures that our customers will be on the leading edge while helping them to keep up with their increasing demands.

At Best Computer Systems (BCS), we also believe in personalized service. We feel it is our obligation to get to know each and every one of our customers, so that we can provide the quality service that they deserve.

BestRxWin is a true Windows based pharmacy management system. Virtually all hardware is compatible with the system. Some of the features include:

  • Types of pharmacies we support: Independent & Retail pharmacies
  • Platform : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit editions), Windows 8
  • The interfaces we support: Electronic Signature, Automatic Faxing, POS, Interactive Voice Response, E-Prescribing, Rx scanning

Along with the extensive help and support already built into our software and the FAQ page on our web site, whenever you have a question, you can give us a call for friendly, reliable customer support, with 7-days-a-week extended support hours. We will walk you through and help resolve any problems you may have. If required, we can connect with your pharmacy computer to help solve any problem in a quick and efficient manner.

BestRx Win Processing Software
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 SRS Pharmacy Systems
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SRS Pharmacy Systems

Total Pharmacy Integration... One Vendor!

Over 20 Years of Supporting Community Pharmacy
Since 1989, SRS Pharmacy Systems has focused on building pharmacy management software that helps community pharmacies operate more efficiently and accurately, keeping processes consistent, inventories low and profitability high.

Total Pharmacy Integration
The key to maximizing profittability is total integration from top to bottom. All SRS modules are directly integrated with our core pharmacy management software, PKonRx. Modules include:

  • PKonRx
  • NPI and DEA Number Validation
  • Rx Scanning & RPh Verification
  • POS w/eSignature
  • Integrated Credit, Debit & FSA Card Processing
  • Drive-Thru Wireless
  • IVR & PhoneManager
  • Smartphone & Web Rells
  • Text Message Alerts

RxTwin: Integrated Onsite Backup Server

  • Proactive network, system and component replacement
  • SQL database for reliability and speed
  • Web access from each station
  • Fast and stable C++ programming

One System, One Vendor, One Call!
Pharmacies gain because SRS doesn't outsource its technology. SRS directly develops, supports and services all core system, software and hardware. SRS components are software and hardware pre-configured.SRS automatically maintains software drivers, system updates, security functions, and PBM requirements. Additionally, SRS pharmacies have a SINGLE SOURCE for all pharmacy support needs, allowing SRS pharmacies to focus on customer care and let SRS focus on computer system care!

SRS-Software (Prescription processing) SRS-Software (Prescription processing) SRS-Software (Prescription processing)
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 Integra, Inc.
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Integra, Inc.

Over 600 pharmacies experience reduced costs, higher productivity and profits, better customer service, and improved compliance with Integra’s suite of pharmacy software solutions. Our industry-leading, in-house support teams ensure that each customer receives the attention they need.

All our products are designed to the specific needs of institutional pharmacies, and submitted to rigorous testing against the highest standard.


The industry’s leading workflow and document management system, DocuTrack automates paper, fax, and electronic processing. DocuTrack’s open architecture allows integration to your existing technologies and becomes your one stop reference for all pharmacy documents. Benefits of DocuTrack include:

  • Simple search: Quickly look up documents using Rx#, patient or facility ID, and user defined fields or your pharmacy system. Instant order lookup resolves customer issues quickly and makes audits painless.
  • Audit history: Track editing user, notes, annotations, and record all page level details (fax, print, and email history).
  • Barcoding: Intelligently route and collate documents using static and dynamic barcodes, as well as pharmacy system-driven refill, manifest, and patient barcodes.
  • NCPDP 10.6 Compliant: DocuTrack eRx Module allows pharmacies to take control of electronic prescription and transition to a point to point model on Rx transactions.
  • One click fax: From the desktop, fax out clarifications, CIIs, and prior authorizations to multiple numbers at once.


DeliveryTrack, the only purpose-built pharmacy delivery management solution, oversees every aspect of the delivery process with electronic signature capture, real-time delivery data, and route optimization. Benefits of DeliveryTrack include:

  • Signature capture: Capture electronic signature, role of signee, and time of delivery at each stop for fully qualified manifest generation.
  • Item verification: Barcode scan at each stage in the delivery process to ensure the correct items go on route and are delivered at each stop.
  • Vehicle tracking: Monitor drivers using real-time GPS reporting and maintain a complete route history.
  • Barcode scanning: Scan at any level of granularity (tote, manifest, or Rx) to produce a detailed and fully-qualified proof of delivery. Barcode assets, inventory, or forms to more efficiently track these items through the delivery process.
  • Integration: Tight bi-directional integration with all major pharmacy systems and DocuTrack, and interface with UPS delivery system.


Logix is the industry’s first purpose-built, business process automation software that lets pharmacies automate repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone tasks. The capabilities of Logix are infinite, with the ability to automate processes such as faxing, workflow exceptions, and business rules. Benefits of Logix include:

  • Eliminate errors & enforce policies: Set guardrails to eliminate human error and enforce regulatory rules, policy compliance, and routine tasks so staff no longer has to remember them.
  • Customizable: Flexible and easy to design, edit, and deploy, Logix is customized to your workflow and processes, and accommodates changes as your business processes evolve.
  • Automate processes: E.g., if a P/A is not received within four hours, Logix can automatically refax. E.g., automatically move STAT orders not viewed for over 20 minutes to an admin folder and generate an alert.
DocuTrack DeliveryTrack Logix
docutrack delivery track pharmacy software integra electronic signature document management long term care specialty pharmacy HME DME

 Datascan / DCS Pharmacy, Inc.
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Datascan / DCS Pharmacy, Inc.

DATASCAN (DCS Pharmacy, Inc.) has been serving the needs of independent pharmacies for 30 years. We provide both hardware and software solutions designed to help your pharmacy become more profitable and operate more efficiently.

Datascan provides many products to aid owner/pharmacists to run their businesses in an efficient manner. We develop and maintain all of our software in-house, allowing us to make changes in a timely manner whether it involves new state or federal requirements or new features requested by our customers.


WinPharm, Our primary product is used by hundreds of independent pharmacies and MD dispensaries around the country. We have clients that focus on long term care, managed care, and assisted living facilities that utilize our software to manage the needs of these facilities on a daily basis. WinPharm supports all of the latest technology from IVR systems for auto refills using your phone system, to E-scripts from doctors offices, robotic dispensing machines, electronic signature capture, Datascan Workflow, all the way to integrating with our proprietary point of sale software. Our software and the interfaces / add-ons built off of it offer all of the latest technology available to run your pharmacy or dispensary.

WinPharm Software Features:

  • Full HIPAA compliance and certified for NCPDP D0 claim submission
  • Full IVR System Integration for refill requests via telephone automated system
  • Full E-Scripts Integration available
  • Ability to synchronize customers with our POS software
  • Full Verification module built-in
  • Ability to scan / lookup hardcopies of RX including displaying in verification software
  • Option for pill image database
  • Easy to read color coded daily RX log
  • Ability to lookup and add new drugs and most plans
  • Single and Multi-user system support
  • Speedy refills by selecting multiple prescriptions from the patient's profile
  • Automatic COB Billing (bills secondary insurance)

DCS Point of Sale

What sets our Point of Sale system apart from our competition is the fact that it was written and designed here, in house, with independent pharmacies in mind. As with our WinPharm software, we are constantly improving on our POS software and making changes based off requests and feedback from our clients. Our full featured Point of Sale system integrates into our WinPharm application allowing to quick-add customers from the pharmacy database as well as auto download of co-pay due when scanning the RX at the checkout.

DCS Point of Sale Features:

  • FSA/IIAS Compliant
  • SIGIS certified
  • Pseudoephedrine sales management
  • Reduce operator error with highly accurate omni-directional scanning technology
  • Automatic purchase order creation through re-order points by item
  • Electronic purchase orders with most vendors
  • Automatic inventory quantity update from vendor responses on purchase orders
  • Manufacturer's coupons supported and verified including expiration date
  • Outside photo developing cost scanning
  • Loyalty program interface to keep customers coming back
  • PCI compliance for credit card processing
  • Competitive rates for processing credit cards
  • Real time / Fast credit card and debit card acceptance

If your current system is not serving your needs either technically or financially, contact us for a competitive quote.

Datascan Pharmacy Software WinPharm Software Image POS software Datascan POS
datascan pharmacy prescription fullfillment independent pharmacy IVR systems HIPPA compliance POS software WinPharm pharmacy software

 Liberty Software
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Liberty Software

Have you outgrown your pharmacy system?

That's what many community pharmacies are asking themselves as they experience "growing pains". While your pharmacy staff fights insurance claims, error messages, uncooperative doctor's offices, and a computer system that seems slower than it used to, your customers still expect the same fast service they have always received from you. Many pharmacies are realizing that their computer system cannot keep up with their growing business. What is the answer to their problems? Many pharmacies have found a solution with the RXQ™ Pharmacy Management Software.

RXQ Features:

  • Prescription Processing – Fast and simple prescription filling.
  • Insurance Adjudication – RXQ gives you the tools to help cope with third-party claims.
  • Work Flow – Fully integrated into RXQ allows fast refilling, e-prescribing, tech and pharmacists verifications, doctor call list, deliveries, bins, owes, and customizable tasks.
  • BZQ Point-of-sale, enables you to track sales, front-end inventory, signature capture, process credit, debit, and FSA cards. BZQ is IIAS Complaint and PCI Compliant.
  • Integrated Facts & Comparisons®
  • CoverMyMeds® Prior Authorization
  • Inventory Control - Monitor stock levels, generate purchase orders, and keep costs under control. You can review drug usage to help make stock decisions.
  • Accounts Receivable - Prescriptions can be auto-charged directly from the prescription screen or through our integrated point-of-sale lane.
  • Extensive Reporting - RXQ's Data View and User customizable reporting gives you the information you need, when you need it.
  • NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 ready for ePrescribing.

Here at Liberty, we believe that RXQ is a next-generation pharmacy management system. It's not just about technology, although RXQ is built on Microsoft's new technology platform. It's not just the feature list. More than anything, we believe that it is the user experience. Prescriptions can be filled quickly and accurately. Pharmacists who switch to often tell us RXQ is the easiest system they have ever used.

“RXQ is the most user-friendly and easy-to-use system that I have worked on, and other pharmacists that use RXQ tell me the same”
James Kelley
Kelley Drug

“There is one word that separates Liberty Software from all others – SERVICE! I have come to know, respect and appreciate their entire staff. The pharmacy system and support is the best available. If you are wanting a system and service that is unmatched you will not find a better company”
Lindsey Walker, Owner
Walker Pharmacy

Liberty Software Liberty Software Liberty Software
liberty computer services pharmacy system pos pharmacy management software rxite quick hardware networking processing offsite backup

 Abacus Rx
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Abacus Rx

AbacusRx™ has provided pharmacy solutions to 1,000's of users for retail, independent, chain, long-term care, physician office and out-patient pharmacies in most states, and abroad including Puerto Rico, the Caribbean's, Marshall Islands, and US Embassies around the globe. We offer one of the most integrated pharmacy software in the industry, interfacing at all levels of the process. Essential to our success has been our commitment to quality customer service, attention to the needs of the pharmacist, and continuous investment in leading edge technology. From our management team, to our customer service staff to our technical support group, we are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We continuously exceed our goals and are committed to excellence in the service we provide and products we design.

Sample of Features

  • Full HIPAA Compliance and NCPDP certification
  • Detail patient prescription profiling
  • Document imaging & barcode scanning
  • Drug/Patient screening
  • Patient Counseling (OBRA) leaflets & Med-Guides
  • Third-party claim submission with COB billing
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Nursing Home
  • DME Billing
  • Third-party Claim Tracking and Electronic Reconciliation
  • Computerize Delivery Tracking and POD
  • Signature Capture
  • Workflow management
  • POS synchronization
  • e-Scripts Integration
  • Electronic Purchase Orders
  • Refills Due Alerts
  • Complete set of Analysis Tools and Reports
  • Full Rx Verification and much more...

We want our customers to see us as "their partner in business".

Abacus Rx pill verification
abacus rx software on pharmacy prescription software. pharmacy software for retail, independent, chain, long-term care, physician office, out-patient pharmacies. prescription processing with HIPAA Compliance, NCPDP certification, document imaging, barcode scanning, Drug/Patient screening, Nursing Home, DME Billing available with abacus rx software. Third-party Claim Tracking and Electronic Reconciliation, Computerize Delivery Tracking and POD, Signature Capture and Workflow management, POS synchronization, and e-Scripts Integration, Electronic Purchase Orders, Refills Due Alerts pharmacy software.

 RxKey by KeyCentrix
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RxKey® IRP by KeyCentrix™

Transforming Pharmacy Management

RxKey IRP (Independent Retail Pharmacy) Pharmacy Management Software is a diverse system with a wide scope of functionality focused on improving efficiency, enhancing safety and increasing profitability. Customizable workflow, consistent screen layouts and simple navigation allow for ease of implementation. The strategic business resources found in RxKey IRP include dispensing verification, accounts receivable intelligence, reimbursement monitoring and advanced query tools. This innovative solution also has built in LTC and specialty care capabilities. KeyCentrix software is designed to empower clients with business intelligence tools and central or remote processing abilities to advance patient care outcomes.

Pharmacy Prescription Processing Software, Prescription Processing Software, PBM Software, Pharmacy Management Software

 Cerner / Etreby
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Cerner / Etreby

For more than two decades, Cerner Etreby has distinguished itself as the one-stop technology provider for retail pharmacy. Whether you require e-prescribing, electronic remittance reconciliation, or long-term care capabilities, our full suite of leading-edge solutions accommodates all your business and pharmacy management needs.

Based in Garden Grove, California, Cerner Etreby has earned the trust of retail pharmacists across the country by providing leading-edge, user-friendly software systems and superior support. Running on an proven, time-tested, easy-to-use Windows-based platform, our solutions efficiently improve work flow, increase profits and lower operating costs.

Our industry experience, coupled with our exclusive implementation team, allows us to work with you to configure solutions that best meet your business and pharmacy needs.

Added to Cerner Corporation’s already extensive suite of healthcare solutions, Cerner Etreby retail pharmacy offerings help accelerate Cerner’s mission to connect the appropriate person(s), resources and knowledge at the appropriate time and location to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Solutions Include:

  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Chain Host
  • ScriptFlow™
  • ApotheCare® - MTM
  • RetailScript™ POS
  • Additional Leading - Edge solutions
Cerner Etreby Software
cerner etreby compliant pharmacist integrated network reporting total store software for hospitals IT long term care windows based dos browser based prescription records storage JCAHO compliant retail community independent JAHCO compliance patient companies suppliers manufacturers hospital ltc DME Processing compounding long term care chain patient management tools database

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Digital Rx offers a cost-effective easy-to-use Windows based platform providing an one stop comprehensive pharmacy management solution. Features including Retail Point-of-Sale, Inventory Management Control, Long-Term Care, Accounts Receivable, Reconciliations, Electronic Prescribing via Sure Scripts and many more leading-edge solutions. Our goal is to inform and provide relevant pharmacy system information for those that are in the market for a new pharmacy management system or looking to upgrade their current system.


DigitalRX is a comprehensive pharmacy management system.

This software makes filling Rx an enjoyable experience, very easy to use and learn, lots of built in features. State of the Art Technologies is utilized to let you focus on filling prescriptions.

DigitalRX makes filling a prescription an enjoyable experience. Its ease of use and built-in features make it the most comprehensive Pharmacy Management Solution on the market. The DigitalRX application utilizes state of the art technologies, so that you can quickly and efficiently fill your prescriptions.


DigitalPOS is a complete Point of Sale software, developed with the pharmacy environment in mind. Put your mind at ease, let DigtalPOS Run your pharmacy Front End, Easy to setup, you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Check out the Software Features Below:

  • Print Professional looking sales receipts
  • Track sales, inventory and customers
  • Check cashing module
  • Manage all your stores remotely
  • Get reports that help you manage your business and serve your customers better
  • No need to backup your system or to worry about data loss (since all data is stored on a remote server)
  • Link your inventory ordering system with your wholesaler
  • Update your prices thruogh your wholesaler

and much more...


 Retail Management Solutions
Booth #10012
Retail Management Solutions

The Leader in Pharmacy Point-of-Sale Innovation

Successful pharmacies rely on RMS systems. More independent pharmacies choose RMS POS systems than any other – for profitability, efficiency and reliability.

Whatever the size of your pharmacy, we have you covered.

Meet EvolutionPOS™-- your new portable register.
RMS brings you the first pharmacy-proven handheld transaction terminal. All cash register functions are immediately at hand, yet require no counter space. EvolutionPOS costs less than conventional POS registers, yet offers increased efficiency and better customer service. You can:

  • Process transactions anywhere in your store
  • Enhance customer service with drive-thru capability and curbside pickup
  • Ensure you have all available prescriptions before you leave will call
  • Reclaim valuable counterspace in your store by eliminating a traditional register footprint
  • Deliver prescriptions anywhere with EvolutionPOS 3G.

Star-Lite POS
Designed with clinic and apothecary pharmacies in mind, Star-Lite is the perfect fit if your focus is prescription tracking and workflow completion. Scan prescriptions and OTC’s and interface with most pharmacy management systems.Process credit/debit/FSA cards as well as online check verification.Capture signatures for controlled substances, HIPAA, safety caps, third-party and more. Additional features include biometric log-in, daily bank deposit and end-of day reporting.

Star-Plus POS
The most robust pharmacy POS system in the industry. Star-Plus builds on Star-Lite, adding inventory control, wholesaler interfaces for price updates, purchase orders and advanced reporting. On the marketing side, label and sign making is included, along with a robust customer loyalty program, gift cards (including major national brands), merchandise refund cards and promotional event management.

Star-Link Enterprise Solution
For the multi-store and chain environment, Star-Link unifies information management across multiple sites.You specify the degree to which products, pricing and ordering are managed, whether centralized or localized at store level. The system eliminates repetition at each site, while allowing for local changes when necessary. Centralized A/R management, shared product files, and secure web-based multi-store reports accessible from anyplace you have internet access.

Powerful, proven front- and back-end systems
All RMS systems meet or exceed all applicable industry standards and regulations. Our team is the largest, most experienced pharmacy POS staff in the nation, with 24/7 support across all North American time zones. Both phone and live chat support is available to ensure the best customer service and support experience in the industry.

Please click on the REQUEST INFORMATION button below or call us toll free at 877-767-1060 to discuss your needs further.

Retail Management Solutions- Software (Prescription Processing) Retail Management Solutions- Software (Prescription Processing) Retail Management Solutions- Software (Prescription Processing)
formulary inventory control medication processing fulfillment web-based HIPAA compliant pharmacist integrated network reporting total store software for hospitals IT long term care windows based dos browser based prescription records storage JCAHO compliant retail community independent JAHCO compliance point of sale technology

Booth #10044

CarePoint has been helping pharmacies reduce operating costs while providing more efficient and expanded services and benefits to patients for over 18 years, with systems that combine ease of use, robust functionality and cost effective operation with the highest standards of patient safety, security, and drug utilization safeguards.

CarePoint is a progressive, leading edge, pharmacy systems technology company dedicated to providing products and technologies that enable pharmacists to take full control over their business. CarePoint systems are currently leading the way across a broad range of pharmacy types, including retail, mail order, central fill, community clinic, hospital, hospice, specialty pharmacy, and correctional facilities. CarePoint’s advanced feature set combines maximum productivity with the highest standards of security and drug utilization safeguards.

GuardianRx Retail Dispensing

GuardianRx™ puts the full range of pharmacy management tools at your fingertips with elegantly integrated Dispensing, Medication Therapy Management, Compounding, A/R and Reconciliation, and Perpetual Inventory Management, including the ability to maintain multiple real or virtual inventories from multiple wholesalers.

GuardianRx Mail Order Systems

GuardianRx™ offers a robust, fully integrated Order/Workflow Management Module designed specifically to bring a new level of productivity to the central fill and mail order pharmacy environment.

GuardianRx MTM/Care Management

GuardianRx™ provides a comprehensive patient charting system with multiple categories, including Clinical, Documentation, and Monitoring. Two complete CarePlan templates for Asthma and Diabetes provide a consistent means to screen and enroll patients in patient-specific care plans.

GuardianRx Scan & Verify

GuardianRx™ Scan & Verify provides for the scanning of hard copy prescriptions, insurance cards, and other documents into the system. Once scanned into the system, the documents are linked to the prescription, stored, and able to be displayed as needed at various stages of the dispensing process.

GuardianRx Electronic Signature Capture

GuardianRx™ Electronic Signature Capture allows pharmacies to capture signatures in order to meet the HIPAA privacy requirements, without incurring the high costs and time consumption of a traditional paper-based approach to signature collection, storage and retrieval.

GuardianRx Advanced Compounder

GuardianRx™ Advanced Compounder was designed to manage compounding of formulas in batches that can be tracked in inventory as one-to-many package sizes of the same formula (“recipe”). A package size is represented as a unique NDC number.

GuardianRx Web Refill/Patient Portal

GuardianRx™ Web Refill/Patient Portal can provide you with a new web presence or tie into your existing website. You can allow your patients to review their profile, order refills, select pick up location, delivery, or mail order, ask questions of the Pharmacist, or print tax reports. You can even notify your customers when it's time to get a prescription refilled.

Carepoint Carepoint Prescription Processing Carepoint Fulfillment / Prescription Processing CarePoint
CarePoint on software prescription processing with software Fulfillment / Prescription Processing. GuardianRx Retail Dispensing GuardianRx Mail Order Systems GuardianRx MTM/Care Management GuardianRx Scan & Verify GuardianRx and Electronic Signature Capture with GuardianRx Advanced Compounder or GuardianRx Web Refill/Patient Portal. Carepoint pharmacy software.

 PK Software
Booth #10045
PK Software

Rev up your Compounding Pharmacy’s Performance!

PCCA PK Software is the compounding pharmacist’s must-have software. Designed by a compounding pharmacist, PK Software provides user-friendly professional programs designed for Microsoft® Windows® NT, 2000, XP and Windows Vista®. The applications are designed to help compounding pharmacists manage formulas, logs, chemicals, patients, wholesalers and many other important compounding-related items. The professional design of the PK Software programs is based upon USP <795> and <797>, NABP and Good Compounding Practices recommendations for labeling and reports for compounded products including mixing, stability and sterility information.

If you compound, you should use compounding software... and here are some reasons why:

USP <795> and <797>

  • Documentation of formulation
  • Documentation of compounding procedure for each compounded batch

Quality Assurance

  • Bar coding technology for chemical verification
  • Balance integration with Ohaus Explorer®, Explorer® Pro and Voyager® Pro

Increased Profits

  • Customized pricing schedules
  • Gross profit margin validation on prescription dispensing

Increased Patient Care

  • Store patient test results in their personal profile
  • SOAP notes, consultation records, consultation invoices

Time Saving Features

  • Chemical quantities are automatically calculated for every unique batch to save you time
  • Download formulas from the Internet at your fingertips


  • Drug interaction using Clinical Module for brands/generic drugs
  • Potential allergy assessment

Work Efficiency

  • Save time - automatic log records - no manual documentation required
  • Work flow tracking to locate prescriptions in your facility


  • PK Software is HIPAA compliant
  • Document receipt of privacy notice

To-Do System

  • Daily reminders
  • Cyclic filling for refill prescriptions of your choosing

Scanner Integration

  • Scan prescriptions to save with prescription record for easy recall
  • Scan hormone evaluations, studies, lot testing, and more. Store in software or link scanned records stored on another computer to PK data.

Why buy PCCA PK Software? The answers are simple...

  • PK Software Corporation is a solid reputable company with more than 20 years of experience.
  • PK Software is partnered with PCCA to integrate formulas and chemicals for PCCA Members. Includes a download function of PCCA formulas for PCCA Members.
  • PCCA quality assurance functions are featured.
  • The Compounder Rx will help you fill prescriptions quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • The Compounder Rx will save time and money by managing inventory levels, as well as updating your prescription pricing information.
  • The Compounder Rx will enable you to spend more time with your patients by reducing time consuming administrative activities.
  • The Compounder Lab can help compounding pharmacies manage formulas, logs, sterility and batch testing chemicals.
  • The Compounder Lab was designed for compounders who want to keep their traditional dispensing system, but still have a need to track their formulas, chemicals and logs.
  • The Compounder Lab will help you log your compounds more quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • Add your own formulas to more than 180 pre-loaded formulas that are included with the software. Copy from other PCCA formulas already on file. Or, simply download the formula from PCCA, with more than 5,000 formulas to choose from.

PK Software is partnered with PCCA to integrate formulas and chemicals for PCCA Members. Put the Power of PCCA in your Pharmacy Today. Call the PK Software Support Team at 800/331-2498 to learn more about PK Software and accessories.

pcca software PCCA Customer Service PCCA PK Software PCCA Compounding
pcca pk software USP <797> <795> compliance compounding programs medication labels and reports Ohaus Explorer® online billing bar code reader compounding software PK software. PCCA and PK software on software prescription processing with compounding software, barcode technology. HIPPA compliant software, the compounder RX. Explorer pro, voyager pro

 ScriptPro Robotics
Booth #14727

SP Central Pharmacy Management Systems

SP Central Pharmacy Management System (PMS) uses ScriptPro’s SP Central Workflow System as its operating platform, incorporating robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management within a unified architecture. We call this Perfect Integration—the complete solution for your pharmacy, engineered and supported by ScriptPro.

This highly reliable platform means minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your pharmacy. PMS is configurable to address your specific needs today and scalable to support your growth tomorrow.

For a second year in a row, customers ranked ScriptPro’s SP Central PMS #1 in the category of Software Solutions-Pharmacy - Outpatient (Retail) in the “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report.

Additional Automation Products from ScriptPro.

  • Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems
  • SP Central Workflow
  • Telepharmacy for communities
  • Pharmacy Services Portal
  • ScriptPro Inventory Management
  • Robotic Prescription Dispensing:
    • CRS (Compact Robotic System)
    • CRS 150
    • CRS 225
    • SP 200
    • SP 100
    • SP 50
Perfect integration
pharmacy automation companies robotics prescription processing technology pharmacy robotic dispensing system workflow management medication error prevention dispensing Scriptpro SP 200 SP100 Parata rds pacmed Innovation dispensing error reduction robots prescription dispensing

 Micro Merchant Systems
Booth #10042
Micro Merchant Systems

...because it’s not just filling prescriptions any more...

The focus of a pharmacist has always been to help people. You need tools that ensure dispensing errors are caught before the medication is delivered to the patient and at the same time make sure that the workflow in the pharmacy contributes to the pharmacy’s efficiency and productivity to ultimately do what you had wanted to do in the first place… HELP your PATIENTS.

For over 20 years, Micro Merchant Systems has provided solutions to independent pharmacies.

Micro Merchant Systems Inc, over the years has been working hand in hand with pharmacies and helping them cut down costs and improve productivity. All MMS products have been designed with extensive input from pharmacists and utilizing the latest and advanced technologies like Microsoft® .net and SQL relational database technologies. Our products are fully secure and comply with HIPAA standards.

The rationale behind our product line’s success is to have individual, customizable products that are designed to thoroughly fulfill specific needs in your pharmacy:

  • PrimeRx: PrimeRx, our core product, is absolutely essential to every pharmacy! PrimeRx uniquely combines its user friendly features with the support of the Windows backbone. This strong combination generates a program that is not only aesthetic and appealing in its design, but is also easily manageable at all skill levels.
  • PrimePOS: PrimePOS is our state of the art Point of Sale system which ascertains rapid and precise customer check-outs. In addition, PrimePOS fully integrates with PrimeRx, our pharmacy software. Individually, each program is great but their partnership is exceptional! It empowers you to manage your inventory more efficiently, keeps in house thefts in check and provides complete accountability of daily operations.
  • PrimeESC: PrimeESC (Electronic Signature Capture) is a sleek, high-tech module that scans and links your patient's signature to his/her record in your pharmacy system. This product is ideal for pharmacies looking to handle their paperwork in an orderly and organized fashion. Often, pharmacies have a tough time keeping a record of prescription pick up. PrimeESC helps you with this task by maintaining an electronic log with the customer...
  • PrimeDMS: PrimeDMS (Document Management System) is a comprehensive process that allows you to scan Rx, Patients ID cards, Insurance Statements, Letters from Doctors, Drug Manufacturers and basically everything that is paper in to a digital image that is then stored and attached to its respective records.
  • PrimeDelivery: PrimeDelivery provides a very efficient and robust solution for managing patient deliveries. PrimeDelivery increases the accuracy and efficiency in the workflow of the pharmacy. It consists of two modules (In House and Wireless) so that the pharmacies can choose either one of the modules or use them both together for maximum effectiveness.
  • PrimeWeb: Recently, the Internet Expansion has broken boundaries by making the entire World accessible with just a mouse click. Therefore, PrimeWeb has taken this concept and applied it to Healthcare by bringing Patients, Doctors, Health Facilities and Pharmacies closer than ever before.

We help the pharmacies of today…become the pharmacies of tomorrow.

prescription processing software, micro merchant systems, PrimeRX, user friendly software, pharmacy software, inventory module, refill management suite,

 PDX, Inc.
Booth #14735
PDX, Inc.

Since its inception in 1985, PDX has led the industry in innovative pharmacy technology through a slate of integrated systems and services for chain, community, and independent pharmacies.

Paramount technologies from PDX include:

  • PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) - In use by 21 chains and a leading managed care network, EPS not only helps pharmacies track and dispense prescriptions faster, safer, and more efficiently than any system on the market but it also helps pharmacy professionals deliver and improve patient outcomes. Easy to learn and easy to use, EPS features two modes: fully segmented Workflow and RapidFill™ which organizes prescription filling tasks into Data Entry, optional NDC Scan, and R.Ph. Verification. By the end of the 2014, almost half of all PDX pharmacies will have converted to EPS.
  • PDX Community Pharmacy System - Designed specifically for the needs of independent pharmacies, the PDX Community Pharmacy System—along with NHIN AssistRx reconciliation services—empowers community pharmacies to thrive in outcomes-based healthcare.
  • PDX Classic - The PDX Classic Pharmacy System—still in use in thousands of US pharmacies—is an ideal solution for chain pharmacies and high volume independents. PDX Classic is a sophisticated, feature-rich, and highly customizable system making it easy to use for everyday prescription filling or tackling the most pressing challenges facing the retail pharmacy industry today.

All PDX systems are integrated with a variety of powerful integrations and features that can be implemented to:

  • Enterprise Pharmacy Record
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Disease Management
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Nursing Home/Long-Term Care
  • Mobile Communications
  • ePharmacy Web Portal
  • NHIN AbsoluteAR Reconciliation Services
  • Standardized drug, third party, and prescriber files
  • Advanced Drug Inventory Management
  • Manufacturer Services (RMS)
  • Patient Accounts Receivable
  • Switching and e-scripts

PDX systems also interface to a wide variety of technologies such as IVR, POS, ACS, and more.

Our dedication to pharmacy and its potential to improve patients’ quality of life is why, almost 30 years later, PDX is still here. We are constantly thinking about the next step, the next big idea, the next innovation that will make pharmacy better, stronger, and capable of delivering even better patient outcomes.

PDX has set the standard for innovation. And we have no intention of stopping any time soon.

prescription processing, software, pharmacy, system EPS

 AdvanceNet Health Solutions
Booth #10021
AdvanceNet Health Solutions

AdvanceNet Health Solutions continues to dominate the prescription dispensing marketplace with its full featured, enterprise, open source pharmacy management software, ePostRx™.
ePostRx™ currently supports the following business models:

  • High Volume Mail Order
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Chain Retail
  • Veterinary
  • Hospice

All on the same single code base! The system also supports the automatic routing of prescriptions for clients with multiple facilities.

All our open source ePostRx products and services are built from the ground up using the latest web enterprise technologies and open source projects. Because we employ a three-tier architecture model, our solutions can be configured and scaled to meet the enterprise needs of any client network. Utilizing an open architecture philosophy, the system will seamlessly integrate into your current IT landscape. Published web services and API’s are available through the View Supporting Materials Link below.

ePostRx™ also offers an integrated e-prescribed solution to our enterprise pharmacy management software, ePostRx™. Fully certified on SureScript 10.6, the electronic prescribing solution includes automated Prescriber Download functionality. The current solution automates the receipt of the electronic prescription in the workflow manager, incorporating matching logic for the patient, to streamline dispensing, with minimal user interaction.

Outbound physician contact incorporates the data in the Prescriber download directory to make the determination if the physician is eligible for electronic contact. When the prescriber is not eligible for electronic contact, the system will default to fax communications.

At AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth), we're dedicated to being the world's premier e-Pharmacy technology company. Our ePostRx product enables pharmacies to facilitate higher fulfillment volumes, enhance patient care and increase profitability by supporting multiple business models, including Electronic Scripts, DME dispensing, Specialty Pharmacy, Mail-Order and Central Fill. ePostRx™ is the healthcare industry's first and only open source, enterprise pharmacy solution licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). So if your business requires:

  • Prescription Fulfillment/Management Software
  • ePrescribing /Management Software
  • Pharmacy Operations & Technology Consulting
  • Open source technology consulting and Project Development.

Then contact ANSHealth and get involved with the ePostRx community today!

AdvanceNet Health Solutions Advance Net- Software (Prescription Processing)
specialty integrated ADT, automation, POS, IVR mouse accounts receivable work flow QS1, AmerisourceBergen, OpusISM, Panacea, RMS, SRS, SpeedScript, RS Software, AdvanceNet, Etreby, Relay Health, PharmTrak, RX Link, McKesson, HBS SXC, RX Home, HCC, Jascorp ePostRx patient care Electronic Scripts Mail-Order

Booth #10034

SuiteRx is a pharmacy software vendor addressing the needs and challenges presented in the independent pharmacy market. Developed by pharmacists, our IPS program enables independent and small chain pharmacies to use state of the art technology to better meet the needs of their customers and increase speed and accuracy in the pharmacy. With Retail, Institutional and Combo versions of the software, IPS is a comprehensive solution, integrating document management, delivery, POS, inventory management, web portal capabilities and compounding into one seamless application.

Retail Version

Utilizing these features our clients estimate that IPS has saved them thousands of dollars and countless staff hours each year:

  • Inventory Management
  • Prescription Refill Due
  • Document Management
  • Delivery Module
  • Language Module
  • Compounding Module

Additional Benefits Include:

Automate Prior Authorization Forms – IPS automatically populates prior auth forms with patient demographic and prescription information. Generate prior auth forms in seconds and complete the prior auths directly from the 'rejected claims' screen.

Facilitate Doctor Calls – IPS is designed to help you significantly reduce the time spent on the phone. With IPS, you can track the status of all doctor calls right from your computer. In addition, the system automatically faxes refill requests to doctors.

Completely Integrated Fax Server and IVR – IPS receives faxes electronically so they can be viewed and processed without ever printing a paper copy. Your pharmacy can generate, edit, send and resend faxes online, and faxes can easily be linked to patients or to specific prescriptions. Approved refills can be directly entered into the prescription filling process from the Inbox.

Institutional Pharmacy

The Institutional Version of IPS is a comprehensive solution to the unique needs of a Long Term Care Pharmacy.

  • Rx Web Portal – Allow facilities and doctors to request refills and print MARs online; enhance communication between facilities, pharmacists, physicians and families.
  • Paperless Faxing – Electronically send, receive, and edit faxes. Link faxes to specific patients and prescriptions.
  • Cycle Fill – With one click of the mouse, automatically fill and bill groups of patients on a set schedule (i.e., monthly, weekly)
  • Delivery Module – Track deliveries and signatures with integrated hand held PC's.
  • Inventory Tracking – IPS with monitor pill inventories in real time and send electronic PO's when drugs reach their specified reorder levels.

Additional Benefits Include:

Bill Over 200 Prescriptions at a Time Based On:

  • Days Supply
  • Quantity Billed
  • Pills Remaining in Bottle

Detailed and Customized Facility Reporting For:

  • Order status
  • Profiles of patients with medication changes, etc.
  • Drug classification, group, etc.
suiteRx - Software Pharmacy
Pharmacy Prescription Processing Software, Prescritpion Processing Software, PBM Software, Pharmacy Management Software, SuiteRx, pharmacy software

 McKesson Pharmacy Systems & Automation
Booth #8242
McKesson Pharmacy Systems & Automation

Your Pharmacy is Unique. It’s not like every other pharmacy out there - and your technology provider needs to understand that. It’s your business, and you want to run it your way. Versatility, flexibility and choice are important - yet there’s only one pharmacy technology partner providing that freedom of choice. At MPS&A, we can address your specific business needs while helping you reduce costs through economies of scale, assistance with adoption, maintenance, and support. Select a McKesson solution from our portfolio described below that best fits your requirements while still attaining the value and savings needed to survive in today’s competitive market. With any of our systems, you can add on supplemental modules that help you run adherence programs, connect with your patients via web and mobile technology, and offer an array of delivery methods that match the needs of your patients.

A centrally hosted SaaS solution, EnterpriseRx delivers on two fronts: it is a workflow-based processing system that creates efficiency and the highest safety standards behind the counter, yet also provides a thoroughly modern management system to keep up with all back-end aspects of your business. Expanding pharmacies with multiple locations or a strong propensity toward top line growth and precise operational controls will benefit from the ability to:

  • Achieve the highest levels of efficiency and safety behind the counter
  • Spread tasks across your team to free up your pharmacist
  • Support clinical programs
  • Manage resources and information centrally, in real-time, for company-wide access & monitoring
  • Enable new business models like central processing and workload balancing across your stores

Also a centrally hosted SaaS solution, PharmacyRx appeals to a variety of owners because it is a cost-effective system that can be installed quickly and make processing prescriptions swift and easy.
If you are opening a brand new store or want to transition your existing operation onto an easy-to-use platform that readily addresses the fundamentals of prescription fulfillment, then PharmacyRx can help you:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Deliver prescriptions to patients rapidly and efficiently
  • Reduce hardware costs and in-store IT responsibilities
  • Manage expenses with convenient “all-in-one” software, hardware, support and services packages

A fully integrated distributed solution that houses data and applications on a server stored on-site. For pharmacies focused on the development of long-term patient relationships while offering specialty services like compounding, LTC, or clinical care programs, Pharmaserv can provide:

  • Hands-on access and control over all of your pharmacy’s hardware and information
  • Robust modules to handle your niche service offering needs
  • Patient satisfaction tools to encourage loyalty and expand share of wallet
  • Processing safeguards to ensure accuracy and consistency
McKesson Software Prescription Processing
e-prescribing Refill TeleManager Pharmacy management Software order entry systems inventory control medication processing fulfillment web-based HIPAA compliant pharmacist integrated network reporting total store software for hospitals IT long term care windows based dos browser based prescription records storage JCAHO compliant retail community independent JAHCO compliance patient companies suppliers manufacturers

 RNA Pharmacy Solutions
Booth #10023
RNA Pharmacy Solutions

Helix Pharmacy System

The Most Complete LTC Pharmacy System Ever Offered

As the original developer of long-term care pharmacy management software for independent institutional pharmacies, RNA continues working toward the future, leading the industry with innovative technology. The Helix Pharmacy System provides a complete pharmacy solution for your closed door or combo pharmacy.

Helix is fast and easy to use. Its intuitive design and logical content layout make training easy for your staff.

Productivity-enhancing tools and an efficient user interface were shaped by pharmacists like you! Our pharmacists understand the service benefits of increased speed and accuracy, giving a competitive edge for your business.

  • E-Prescribing via Surescripts
  • Flexible Prescription Processing
  • Productive Workflow Module
  • Integrated Document Imaging
  • Extensive Medical Records
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Interfaces with many third party vendor for packaging machines, remote dispensing, document imaging, and consulting software.
  • A.M.O.S.™ Facility Web Portal
  • eRxRequest™ Facility Refill Application
  • eManifest™ Electronic Delivery Solution
  • Guaranteed In-House Data Conversions

Use the Request Information link below to submit your contact information and if you choose Helix within two months of your first demo you will receive $2,500 credit toward your system price.

RNa Health information systems, LTC software, ePrescribing, Pharmacy Software, AR Pharmacy Software, Pharmacy workflow software

 RS Software
Booth #10019
RS Software

Concentrate on your profession, and trust ScriptAssist to take care of your business, from prescription entry and refill through reimbursement. With CompoundAssist (included), you can profit from your compounding pharmacy practice.

Unlike competing software products, ScriptAssist also manages your specialty pharmaceutical business, including compounding. You can automatically collect patient and physician information, along with Usual and Customary pricing for prompt payment.
Contact us today for a free trial!

  • Provides multi-tasking environment
  • Transmission of Medicare claims on-line
  • Near instantaneous claim adjudication via Internet
  • Supplies state-of-the-art, mission critical database server
  • Fax refill requests automatically to the doctor
  • Reconciliation assistance with insurance analysis reports
  • Tracks and schedules automatic patient refills
  • ScriptAssist allows you to organize and simplify your practice, including specialty pharmacy practice.
RS Software- Software (Prescription Processing) RS Software- Software (Prescription Processing) RS Software- Software (Prescription Processing)
long term care windows based dos browser based prescription records storage JCAHO compliant retail community independent JAHCO compliance patient companies suppliers manufacturers hospital ltc DME Processing compounding long term care chain hme specialty integrated ADT, automation, POS, IVR mouse accounts receivable work flow QS1, AmerisourceBergen, OpusISM, Panacea compounding

 New Leaf Rx
Booth #14734
New Leaf Rx

New Leaf Rx by KeyCentrix.

Leverage the power of order-based, exception-driven workflow with New Leaf Rx. This unique combination enables custom configuration of your software to support ideal throughput and enforces best practices for single or multi-location pharmacy environments. New Leaf Rx software, combined with our consultative and comprehensive implementation approach, offers pharmacies a level of resources and service unlike anything else available in the industry.

Order-Based Solution
Logically group items into orders for processing efficiency.

Configurable Workflow Stages
Configurable workflow stages support your specific business needs and operations. Stages include:

• Data Entry • Tech Check
• PV1 • PV2
• Scheduling • Packing
• Credit Review • Will Call
• Dispensing • Adjudication

Integration with Exisiting Applications
Through New Leaf Rx consultative services, existing applications will be evaluated for replacement or integration, streamlining your operation and reducing costs.

Exception-Driven Workflow
Ensure compliance adherence by requiring activities on complex therapies driven by:

• Manufacturer Reporting • Cost to Patient
• Business Objectives • Disease State
• Stage Validations • Lab Values
• Sales/Marketing Needs • Drug

Data Extraction and Analysis
New Leaf Rx offers a powerful centralized reporting engine, as well as the ability to add custom fields specific to the needs of each location.

Contact the KeyCentrix team for more information or to schedule a guided demo today.

leaf icon
new leaf rx, key centrix, data entry, PV2, consultative services, multi location pharmacy, order based solution, data extraction

 Lagniappe Pharmacy Services
Booth #10028

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS)

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS) endeavors to maximize your pharmacy’s efficiency and profitability while connecting you to other healthcare providers and services, yielding positive patient outcomes. LPS was formed with the merger of HCC and OPUS-ISM, leading national providers of pharmacy and healthcare technology, to build a company that services thousands of customers nationwide. LPS focuses on supporting the business model of our customers and ensuring their long-term success. We listen to the challenges our customers face and use our products and services to meet their needs. We have more than 200 employees in seven national offices from coast to coast representing decades of experience in healthcare and pharmacy operations, technology, and services. And we continue to invest daily to provide you solutions for today and the future.

RX-1, our premier pharmacy system, offers Rx imaging, true FIFO inventory management, configurable workflow, fully integrated point-of-sale (POS), nursing home/LTC with eMARs, DME billing, claims reconciliation services and much more. Our retail systems have efficient, user-friendly designs that provide quick and easy “fill and bill” functionality while offering a robust array of features. The modular architecture of our pharmacy systems allows us to easily create a custom setup that is ideally suited to your specific needs. Years of continuous refinement and enhancement have resulted in pharmacy management systems with unparalleled functionality and reliability. LPS products and services provide cost-effective solutions that will help you make more money and produce better outcomes for your patients.

LPS offer multiple solutions that help pharmacies fill prescriptions quickly, safely, and profitably. Our services are used by community pharmacies, regional chains, hospitals, veterinary pharmacies and institutions to maximize their pharmacy’s efficiency and profitability while connecting them to their patients, other healthcare providers and services to provide positive patient outcomes.

What kind of pharmacy practice do you operate? Are you a traditional corner drugstore, an apothecary in a medical facility, a compounding center, a LTC/NH facility or a specialty pharmacy? Single or multiple-store operation? Regardless of the size or type of practice, Lagniappe Pharmacy Services has a system to optimize your pharmacy practice and business.

For more information please contact us at or call (855) 887-9577.

compliant pharmacist integrated network reporting total store software for hospitals IT long term care windows based dos browser based prescription records storage JCAHO compliant retail community independent JAHCO compliance patient companies suppliers manufacturers hospital ltc DME Processing medical equipment Claims Processing pharmacy support services entry systems workflow for pharmacists

 Health Business Systems
Booth #8125

Health Business Systems

About HBS
For nearly 30 years, HBS has been delivering next-generation technology to support all channels of pharmacy:

  • Independent Retail Pharmacy
  • Chain Pharmacy
  • Institutional / Nursing Home Pharmacy
  • Mail Order / Central Fill

Whether you are an independent owner with one location or multiple locations, the HBS pharmacy systems will automate many time-consuming activities to allow you more time to focus on your customers.

Features and Functionality
The HBS pharmacy management system is a highly flexible, easy-to-use application that’s been continually enhanced and customized to manage your operation efficiently and without disruption. Specifically designed to meet your growing business needs, HBS offers a variety of solutions to assist you in maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace through a number of services:

  • Rx Scanning (document imaging)
  • E-prescribing (SureScripts certified)
  • Inventory Management
  • Bar Code and UPC Scanning
  • Workflow Management
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Pill Imaging
  • Drug Maintenance Updates
  • Dr. Fax
  • Central Third Party Reconciliation
  • Assisted Living/Long-Term Care Functionality
  • Standard Reporting Packages
  • OBDC Data Access (create custom reports)
  • Automation System Interfaces
  • Signature Capture (desktop and handhelds)
  • Internet Switching
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Customer Support (hardware and software)
  • Wholesaler Interfaces
  • Medicare Part B Billing


pill verify
pharmacy benefit management packages employer beneficiary insurance mail order pharmacy work communication programs wellness initiative PBM claim processing online pharmacy plans pharmaceutical regimen review home delivery

 CAM Commerce Solutions
Booth #10016

Pharmacy POS

Certified by SIGIS

IIAS Compliance (FSA)

PCI Compliant

CAM Pharmacy Point of Sale software automates the store operations of the independent pharmacy. Our software integrates with most pharmacy systems while providing you with state of the art technology and world class support. Our software is IIAS Complaint and PCI Compliant so you don't have to worry about the complexities of accepting FSA cards or credit cards. CAM helps to make sure you keep your customers coming back to you.

Our software helps you:

  • Easily manage POS functions
  • Maintain inventory easily
  • Automate purchase orders
  • Upload wholesalers' database
  • Create frequent shopper and gift card programs
  • Integrates e-Commerce
  • Streamline credit card processing
  • Automate printing of coupons
  • Simplify rental contracts
  • Manage Pseudoephedrine
  • Capture electronic signatures for HIPPA, RX log and deliveries

We have the resources to provide exceptional products and services!

Real Time Support
World Class Customer Service
State-of-the-Art Tech Support
Experienced Installation Team
Expert Sales Consults

"To find success in today's pharmacy industry, you must be in the cutting edge of technology. There are many state and federal guidelines that must be adhered to and having the latest software is key. This is why we chose CAM's POS system, integrated with our pharmacy management system. As our industry changes and requirements are made, CAM makes the necessary adjustments to save us time and money."
Terry Bottorff, Owner
The Druggist Pharmacy

"Finding the right pharmacy management system that shared our passion for customer service took years, and to find one with the perfect POS as well. Our highly competitive and technically demanding industry required technologies that would be equal to the task, " says Frank. "Cam Commerce's POS system is incredibly sophisticated and detailed yet versatile and easy to use."
Frank Clark, Owner
GrayRock Pharmacy

"We are able to control inventory by regularly utilizing the reporting features in our CAM system. The best part is that you do not have to be a computer wiz to do any of this. Now we can focus on what we are in business for in the first place - providing the best services we can to our pharmacy patients"
Brian Hose, Owner
Sharpsburg Pharmacy

Become IIAS compliant the easy way. Learn how to automate your pharmacy store with one complete solution!
Click on the link below to visit our website or call today for your pharmacy demonstration.
(866) 840-4443

CAM Commerce Solutions CAM POS Software Point of Sale CAM POS Systems CAM Software Prescription Processing
POS Systems with CAM Commerce Solutions and POS Software on Software prescription Processing. CAM commerce solutions and Point of Sale software the independent pharmacy and IIAS Complaint and PCI Compliant.

Booth #14732

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