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SMA MicroPortable® ICS From VAI® Offers Superior Precision & Control

SMA MicroPortable® ICS From VAI® Offers Superior Precision & Control

Combining experience, innovation, performance, GMP manufacturing, GLP testing services, and unrelenting service has propelled VAI as the ultimate innovative leader in the market.

Company Background

For nearly 40 years, Veltek Associates, Inc. (VAI®) has pioneered the design and manufacture of hundreds of cleanroom solutions that surround contamination control. These innovations, many of them landmarks in the industry’s history, allow our customers to overcome challenges, and reach their business goals. Plus, VAI® clients have more than a solutions provider, they have a partner and trusted advisor. With today’s complex research challenges, new competition, and increasing government regulations, a true partnership is more important than ever.

For us, it’s simple. Innovation is about listening to industry challenges directly from our customers and not stopping until we find the answer. Together with our clients, we have been developing new solutions for the cleanroom industry for more than 40 years attaining over 150 worldwide patents. Our innovations have allowed our clients to do remarkable things — from biotechnology breakthroughs to pharmaceutical discoveries — that help millions of people every day. From our early days of developing the first sterile garments to our latest innovations, VAI® develops products that revolutionize and simplify aseptic manufacturing.

Product Overview

VAI®’s Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) addresses the needs of the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, and electronics industries with a complete range of facility wide viable environmental monitoring equipment.

VAI®’s viable air monitoring equipment is designed to sample a quantifiable amount of air for viable contamination using our patented Sterilizable Microbial Atrium (SMA®) and a standard media plate. Air is directed from the environment to impact onto a media plate contained inside of the Atrium. The media plate is then incubated and tested to determine the number of viable organisms per cubic foot or liter of air.

SMA OneTouch® ICS and SMA OneTouch® Command Systems are used to control calibrated and timed vacuum sequences to connected SMA® Atriums. Both systems allow you to start, stop, and monitor the sample cycle from within a controlled environment while locating the flow center and vacuum pump in a non-controlled environment.

Additional Product Modules

SMA MicroPortable® ICS

The SMA MicroPortable® ICS provides continuous air monitoring for viable particles at quality control sample points. The SMA MicroPortable® ICS regulates air flow through a SMA Atrium®. A SMA Atrium is a stainless-steel device that directs air from the environment to impact onto a media plate. The media plate is then tested to determine the amount of viable contamination in the environment. It is battery powered and compact, which allows it to be easily moved to desired air sampling points. It combines the sampling capability of the SMA Atrium with calibrated air flow and a touchscreen interface.

The SMA MicroPortable® ICS provides strict regulation of air flow and will alarm the operator if the air flow deviates beyond the acceptable range. The system also monitors and indicates a variety of operational parameters including the sample’s volume and elapsed time. It’s a networked device that may be remotely accessed by operators and administrators. The device can export event history to a removable USB flash drive. Event history includes sampling and calibration events.

VAI® offers on-site calibration and repair services. Please contact us for details.

Additional Product Lines

VAI ® offers full circle contamination control products and services.

• Cleaners, disinfectants, and sporicides (sterile and non-sterile).

• Disposable garments: USP<797> and USP<800> compatible options.

• Cleanroom ready wipers: low-linting dry and saturated.

• Cleanroom documentation: Core2Write®, CleanPrint10®, Core2Print®.

Markets Served

VAI® serves the following markets:

• Hospitals and Health Care Systems

• 503A Compounding Facilities

• 503B Outsourcing Facilities

• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

• Biotech

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