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PSGA — Smart Solutions to Drive Your Pharmacy’s Growth and Revenue, Improve Profitability and Patient Satisfaction

PSGA, Inc. is a health care performance improvement company that helps community pharmacies incorporate the most innovative solutions to generate revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer service, cut costs, and help engage patients in ways to improve loyalty.

Company Background

PSGA, Inc. is a health care performance improvement company that helps community pharmacies incorporate some of the latest and greatest gadgets and software programs to streamline operational revenue, improve customer service, cut costs, and help patients. The company is led by community pharmacists and health care experts with decades of experience and multi-store ownership providing proven and tested programs. 

Product Overview

• BonaRx®: BonaRx is a custom medication savings card tailored to community pharmacies. Our program is approved with all PSAOs and accepted at virtually all pharmacies. BonaRx provides ongoing revenue share plus dispensing data from your local market area to help bring more cash patients to your pharmacy and grow your business. It also helps you market your pharmacy to local physicians, clinics, and organizations. This program is 100% free of charge, provides your first set of cards to get you started, and includes a custom URL for the pharmacy.  Visit  for more information.

• AlereRx®: As telemedicine becomes more mainstream in providing patient care, AlereRx telemedicine provides an opportunity to help patients access over 5,000 U.S.-based physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any mobile device in under 10 minutes. Our program helps community pharmacies provide an extremely cost-effective health care plan for those that are insured, under-insured, or uninsured. Our revenue share system can easily improve patient loyalty to your brand and much-needed new business that every pharmacy needs. AlereRx also includes discount dental, vision, lab, and imaging. Visit  for more information.

• RxReach®: Customer communication is vital to any business. RxReach enables a two-way SMS, MMS, voice, and fax communication for today’s active pharmacy business. Community pharmacies can educate, inform, and remind patients in the most efficient and cost-effective way with a 95% open rate within three minutes. In addition, with FastQuoteRx the pharmacist has the ability to help enroll patients in a Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Supplement right at the pharmacy, which benefits the patient and the pharmacy, and guarantees continued healthcare the smart way. Visit for more information.

Additional Product Lines

• TabulaRx® (New) 

Current estimates show that controlled substances constitute 12% of all prescriptions written each year. These drugs have potential for abuse, dependence, and diversion. Diversion of controlled substances can occur anywhere in the pharmaceutical supply line. TabulaRx bridges this gap by monitoring the entire supply chain of the pharmacy, starting with the order and ending with the consumption or expiration of the drugs in our Pharmacy Module of our Drug Diversion Software Solution.

• RxConnexion® (New)

RxConnexion is a robust pharmacy software providing business intelligence data and analytical reporting to help grow and manage the pharmacy business. It helps optimize profitability and business growth through greater claims, product, and patient-level visibility. It also enhances Star Ratings performance through an elevated awareness of medication adherence, refill frequency, and quality performance.

• DoorstepRx® (New)

DoorstepRx powered by Workwave is the most affordable all-in-one delivery platform that enables real-time ETA, increases efficiencies, and facilitates more deliveries. DoorstepRx Route Manager helps pharmacies across the country streamline operational chaos to reach new heights of success with quick onboarding, automation of redundant processes, and instantaneous optimizing of delivery routes.


“ Excellent, professional, and considerate are a few descriptors that come to mind.”
— Sam Awada, RPh, President, American Mail-order Rx

“ They are very professional. Their telemedicine practice is the best in the country.”

— Dr. Paul Ezeobinwa, Owner, Plaza Pharmacy

“Friendly and fast service. Great service to offer — highly recommended.”

— Alalade Olurotimi, RPh, DPh, Owner, Fountain Pharmacy

Key Customers

Our custom cards are accepted at over 72,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Key Business Partners

eHealth, RPhAlly

Markets Served


Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

NCPA, FPA Regional Meetings, and VPA Regional Meetings

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