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Your All in One Control Substance Inventory Management System

The C-2 Inventory platform is an online tool made for the challenging environment of today’s highly regulated pharmacy business.  You can easily and securely record all purchased and dispensed control drugs in Class II-V. No more cumbersome log books, missing pages or inaccurate and time consuming work. Never get caught in a surprise of missing control drugs and risk jeopardizing your credibility or your livelihood.



Current estimates show that controlled substances constitute 12% of all prescriptions written each year. These drugs have potential for abuse, dependence, and diversion. There are several critical ways to follow to support security surrounding the ordering and receipt of controlled substances and accurate record keeping.


A registered individual practitioner is required to keep records, as described in 1304.04, of controlled substances in Schedules II, III, IV, and V which are purchased in the lawful course of professional practice


Diversion of controlled substances can occur anywhere in the pharmaceutical supply line. Unfortunately, most drug diversion monitoring solutions look at just the logs from the automatic dispensing cabinets (ADC) or PMS and show the staff that dispenses, administers the medication limited data with no analytics. With TabulaRx, we monitor the entire supply chain of the pharmacy, starting with the order and ending with the dispensing or expiration of the drugs in our Pharmacy Module of our Drug Diversion Software Solution.


Record Keeping

Your pharmacy must maintain complete, accurate, up-to-date records for every controlled substance purchased, received, stored, distributed, dispensed, disposed of, or otherwise passing through your pharmacy.




Drug diversion can be defined as any criminal act or deviation that removes a prescription drug from its intended path from the manufacturer to the intended patient. Diversion of controlled substances is a serious matter. Unfortunately, most drug diversion monitoring solutions look at just the logs from the pharmacy management system provide the staff that dispenses medication no analytical tools with no alerts or useful reporting to detect abuse or loss of control substance. With our C-II Inventory pharmacy Module of our Drug Diversion you can monitor and detect discrepancies.

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