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We Are Excited to Announce the Evolution of our Nor-Lake Scientific Brand to Corepoint Scientific

Dear Valued Customer, 

As our world continues to change, Horizon Scientific, a Standex International company, continues to adapt and grow alongside it. We are excited to announce the evolution of our Nor-Lake Scientific brand to Corepoint Scientific, a new, premier laboratory equipment brand. This transition within the Horizon Scientific portfolio focuses on innovation and sustainability for the academic, healthcare, and industrial marketplaces.      

The Corepoint Scientific brand represents our vision and customer commitment:  

Core: Whether you are administering vaccines, researching cancer breakthroughs, or performing life-saving operating procedures, the work that you do is core to life itself, and you need this core equipment to enable your work.  

Point: Our products are precision-oriented, or to the point, with easy-to-use features that reflect the industry’s latest innovations.  

Bond: Our logo represents the bond between our team, our channel partners, and the end-user to provide a seamless and premium customer experience.  

Our transition to Corepoint Scientific intends to build on the legacy of Nor-Lake Scientific: 

- Full Suite of Purpose-built Scientific Products – Extensive line of cold-storage equipment including vaccine storage, blood bank refrigerators, and stability chambers 

- Sustainability Focus – Products and technologies increasingly using natural refrigerants and industry-leading energy efficiency which ensure environmental impact is kept top of mind 

- “Beyond Compliance” Innovation – Philosophy that innovation should constantly be pushing product effectiveness beyond standard compliance and regulatory thresholds  

- Cutting-edge Technology – An extensive offering of integrated alarms and options for premium, state-of-the-art temperature controllers 

- Customer-centric Service – Industry-leading customer service, technical service, product warranties, and purchasing options to provide customers with peace of mind and a seamless customer experience 

Over the next weeks and months, you will see the transition to Corepoint Scientific come to life with a new website, additional marketing materials, re-branded products, and new product launches. In the meantime, please see the attached FAQ document which attempts to address immediate questions or concerns you may have with this transition. Additionally, we encourage you to reach out directly to your Horizon Scientific contact if you have any further questions at all.  

As always, our commitment to our customers remains at the center of everything we do – that will only be enhanced as we take the next step in our journey. We look forward to you taking the next step in that journey with Corepoint Scientific.   


Laura Steiner 

President, Horizon Scientific 

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