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The Nation's Leader in Pharmaceutical Inventory Services, Providing Inventories that are Accurate and Dependable — Capital Inventory [VIDEO]

Capital Inventory

Providing the Highest Quality of Physical Pharmaceutical Inventories since 1979

- Utilizing Decades of Knowledge & Experience

Why Choose Capital for Your Pharmaceutical Inventory Needs?

- Pharmacies are our natural environment. Our expert on-site inventory teams specialize in conducting pharmacy inventories only and within

  a few hours.

- Our on-site inventory teams work seamlessly around your pharmacy staff ensuring that the "snapshot" is a true and accurate

  representation of the inventory on-hand.

- Eliminate the need for overtime, or coordination of staffing, to accommodate the inventory process with minimal interruption to the

  pharmacy staff and operations.

- Our inventory specialists have the expertise and knowledge to work with finance and/or external audit firms to validate the inventory.

- Our expert data processing team collaborates with the pharmacy to provide an accurate report in a timely manner.

- Receive expert valuation and pricing of the inventory by an independent party.

To schedule your next inventory, please call 1-800-345-0849 or email | 1-800-345-0849

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