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There's a Better Solution for Solutions — Ritedose Pharmaceuticals [VIDEO]

Ritedose Pharmaceuticals

Switch to SuredoseRx, and say goodbye to spills forever

Our new streamlined packaging eliminates waste, takes up less room in your dispensing towers, and lowers shipping costs with smaller package volume. It erases dosing inaccuracies due to spills and faulty cup lids. And it helps you deliver better patient care without the frustration and lost time of redosing burdens and messy cleanups. 

Backed by 3.5 billion units of uninterrupted product delivery, that's a packaging solution you can rely on.

- No-Spill packaging; squeeze to dispense

- Single-Unit doses ready to administer

- Consistent concentrations and fill volumes, from 2.5 ml to 15 ml

- Individually wrapped and bar coded

- Patient friendly and easy to administer

Launching Spring of 2022

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