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Disruption: Incorporating Technology to Accelerate and Enhance the Patient Experience

By Dean Erhardt

Many of our recent conversations with clients and with prospects are not unique to healthcare. It is about a problem that’s plaguing all industry sectors. It revolves around labor shortages and the impact it is having upon providing goods and services. As you know, there is no room for error in healthcare. But systems are stretched, and this is taking a toll upon the key workers and support staff required to keep healthcare delivery on pace. In fact, already a concern, the labor situation has exacerbated the need for technology-based solutions to streamline operations and reduce the burden on staff. Recognizing that this situation has created a need, D2 has responded and is pleased to offer a modular, technology-enabled solution that can seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems to alleviate some of the performance stress that is being endured by your team.

Today we live in a fast food/Amazon experience/gaming technology/immediate response world. A key challenge within our world is that technology adaption in the healthcare delivery system has not kept pace with other market segments. That said, our ultimate customers (i.e., patients) desire and deserve a healthcare delivery system that provides a more dynamic consumer experience. Their experience in healthcare should not be sub-standard, compared to any other interaction within their daily experience. Continue Reading >>

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