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Helmer Scientific — NSF/ANSI 456 Certified Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions Protect Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals

Helmer Scientific GX Solutions professional, medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are certified to the stringent requirements of NSF/ANSI 456 ensuring safety and efficacy of stored samples.

Company Background

Helmer Scientific is a U.S.-based manufacturer and worldwide distributor of medical-grade cold storage and laboratory processing equipment.  We have over 45 years of experience providing high-quality temperature-controlled environments, with our products used in over 125 countries. Precise temperature performance and control is essential to the successful storage of pharmaceuticals, and Helmer cold storage products have been designed and developed with these principles.

Product Overview

Helmer Scientific GX Solutions Refrigerators and Freezers Proper storage is critical to ensure the safety and viability of life-saving vaccines, medications, patient samples, reagents, and other temperature-sensitive materials. Temperature variations can have a severe impact on these products, reducing their shelf life, efficacy, and effectiveness. It is important to choose refrigerators and freezers that have been designed specifically for healthcare applications to ensure they meet the rigorous performance standards outlined in the new standard for safe storage.

NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard Certification

GX Solutions medical-grade refrigerators and freezers from Helmer were one of the first to be certified to the NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard. The standard was created to further define temperature performance standards and key feature requirements for refrigerators and freezers used to store vaccines. It was developed using real-world use cases common to healthcare environments. To achieve certification, temperature performance standards must be achieved across all storage locations with varying load conditions and use cases and validated by a certified third-party testing facility.

GX Solutions are designed for the unique needs presented by critical vaccine storage and NSF/ANSI certification provides further affirmation to customers of the reliable temperature performance across all locations and use cases.

Powered by OptiCool™ Technology

• Optimized Temperature Management

OptiCool™ technology pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants to offer best-in-class temperature management, including optimized uniformity, stability, and recovery.

This provides confidence that vaccines and medications are stored at the precise temperature regardless of where they are placed within the unit, will recover faster after prolonged door openings, and will maintain superior stability throughout the cabinet. Helmer Scientific GX Solutions are leading the way with temperature, energy, and noise management designed to safely store vaccines and medications to ensure every dose counts.

• Quiet Performance

GX Solutions refrigerators and freezers are three times quieter than traditional models leading to better rest for patients and fewer distractions for healthcare personnel.

• ENERGY STAR® Certified

GX Solutions have been designed to reduce energy usage by 50-65% without compromising the professional medical-grade performance needed for safe storage. Heat output has been reduced allowing facilities to place cold storage in small work areas while limiting HVAC impact. GX Solutions have been EPA ENERGY STAR Certified.

• Environmentally Sustainable

GX Solutions professional, medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are designed to support sustainability initiatives. They are compliant with the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and EU F-Gas policies. GX Solutions have no impact on ozone depletion and a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) grade.

Continuous Monitoring and Connectivity

The i.C3® Information Center is an easy-to-use intuitive interface that provides constant real-time temperature monitoring and multiple information logs, plus security features to keep crucial refrigerator settings protected. Performance history is recorded and can be exported.

Helmer Scientific i.Series® GX Solutions enable networking connectivity. Through direct data integration, Helmer devices can enable facility, clinical, and operations staff complete access to system information. Device data can be integrated into existing monitoring platforms, including continuous monitoring systems and building automation systems (BAS).

Solutions Designed With You in Mind

GX Solutions from Helmer are designed with the unique needs of healthcare in mind. They offer optimal performance, help ensure regulatory compliance, and provide assurance that your products will be safely stored.

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