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CANNIDEX Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Isolate CBD

We developed CANNIDEX, believing that advanced technologies used in pharmacy compounding could be used to create the highest quality CBD topical in the market.

While most other companies used small amounts of CBD with coconut oil based formulations to produce inexpensive products, we believed that a market existed for a high potency, premium topical using the best quality ingredients and transdermal base available.

What makes CANNIDEX different?

• Pharmaceutical Grade: Cannidex and Cannidex PM were invented by Licensed Pharmacists

• Transdermal Base Delivery: Made by the World Leader in Compounding Pharmacy

• High Potency: Cannidex delivers 1500 mg of CBD in each 3% 50 ml formulation

• Exceptional Purity: Derived from 99% pure hemp crystals, not CBD oil

• Robust Safety: Non-systemic, topical approach may be one of the safest ways to use CBD

• Odorless: Hemp crystal derived formulation has no smell

• Best-in-class Dispenser: 50 ml airless dispenser delivers precise dosage

Why Choose Cannidex?

Since 2016, we’ve sold thousands of our high potency CBD creams across the United States. What makes Cannidex better? It starts with our commitment to quality.

We only use the highest grade, THC-free hemp products, to ensure quality from the very beginning. From there, we rely on 99% pure CBD isolate in powder form, mixed with a patented transdermal cream base to ensure fast absorption and incredible potency.

We test all of our products at two independent third-party labs, so you know you’ll always receive the safe, consistent, and potent products you prefer. At Cannidex, your satisfaction is our top priority, and it shows in the exceptional CBD topical cream that we’ve built our brand on. Read more >

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