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LifeFile: Where Pharmacy Meets the Future

At the forefront of pharmacy management is LifeFile, a trailblazing system tailored for specialty and compounding pharmacies. Serving as the operational backbone for many of the nation’s largest compounding pharmacies, LifeFile is synonymous with cutting-edge functionality, stalwart reliability, and unparalleled user satisfaction. 


LifeFile’s cloud-based system offers four easy-to-use portals for pharmacies, providers, patients, and salespeople. This means hassle-free access without complex installations, plus the convenience of quick updates and secure remote connections. The portal advantages:

Pharmacy Portal: A user-friendly cloud system for compounding, specialty, and retail pharmacies to get the solutions they need.

Provider Portal: This EPCS-certified platform streamlines compound ordering with easy e-prescribing, order tracking, reporting, compliance—eliminating the need for calls and faxes.

Patient Portal: Patients receive an array of services that dramatically increase control and convenience.

Sales Portal: Tailored for promoting compounding pharmacy products and services. Management receives tools for managing, tracking, evaluating, and compensating sales teams.

With LifeFile, stakeholders can access information securely from any location at any time.

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