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GSL Solutions, Inc. - The Leader in RFID Pharmacy Technology

GSL Solutions, Inc. - The Leader in RFID Pharmacy Technology

GSL Solutions, Inc. streamlines outpatient pharmacy operations from receiving stock, filling, and label printing through patient pickup of prescriptions with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. We currently offer two products: IntelliVault™ for controlled medication storage and retrieval tracking, and IntelliCab™ for pharmacy will call.  Newly released, the IntelliVault provides stock storage and prescription filling of controlled medications (C2-C5). Efficiency in operations is achieved through an automated C2 log (AutoLog™) with 100% user accountability and medication product tracking. Because of the automation, technicians can fill C2 prescriptions, freeing pharmacists to focus on skilled clinical work. IntelliVault is based on real-time RFID and integrates seamlessly with IntelliCab, allowing for the tracking of controlled medications from receiving through sale. The IntelliCab is the world’s first smart and interactive system based on real-time RFID tracking and is designed specifically for pharmacy will-call. As a standard of practice, its simple elegance combined with ease of use, eliminates errors in will call. IntelliCab was the first Enterprise Level System offering simultaneous multiuser functionality while providing full user accountability. With IntelliCab, you eliminate misfiling, picking errors and wasted space while providing safe C2 will-call storage, reduced transaction times, and increased customer service.


GSL Solutions, Inc.

Shelton Louie

2414 SE 125th Avenue

Vancouver, WA 98683

SALES: 360-896-5354

SUPPORT: 866-477-2682

FAX: 360-397-0496

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