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Advanced Technology for Enhanced Patient Care

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Patient Care

SharpRx makes processes easier and faster to make your pharmacy more productive and profitable. It reduces steps and keystrokes and has touchscreen capabilities. Simply switch between tasks without backtracking, and easily drag and drop to create custom forms and labels. E-script information is clearly displayed and sent to the prescription intake queue. Smart-search technology on every screen gives you quick access to patient, prescriber, drug, and more. Scan the barcode on a driver’s license to quickly add a patient record. Link family members within a patient's profile for easy access. Check interactions for a patient before adding a new prescription or simply check interactions between multiple drugs. Built-in alerts warn of processing or compliance errors. SharpRx allows you to import wholesaler catalogs and, if you use multiple wholesalers, easily submit the most cost-effective order. Its SQL-database engine provides flexible, customized reporting. SharpRx works with your printers, scanners, and other equipment and includes eprescribing; price, prescriber, and clinical updates; drug images and imprints; PMP reporting; eligibility checking; prior authorization; third-party claims processing; rebate programs; warning labels; English and Spanish patient education; remote backup and recovery service; and QS/1's IVR interface and Point-of-Sale software.



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Spartanburg, SC 29306

TOLL-FREE: 866-752-2898

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