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The Preferred Manufacturer of Serialized, Barcoded Unit Dose Products

The Preferred Manufacturer of Serialized, Barcoded Unit Dose Products

American Health Packaging is a leader in manufactured serialized, barcoded unit dose medications for the health care marketplace. With an industry-leading offering of nearly 500 unit dose oral solid SKUs in the marketplace, AHP provides UD across all major therapeutic groups with broad access and consistent supply through partner GPOs and wholesalers. AHP is committed to facilitating effective bedside scanning and patient safety through products that enable pharmacy efficiency and support along the chain of care. In 2017, AHP introduced Liquid Unit Dose cups – unit dose oral solutions that provide many of the same traditional safety and efficiency benefits as their core oral solids products. AHP has since expanded Liquid Unit Dose to provide high-utilization treatments for customers – with plans to further grow their UD offering in 2019 and beyond. As a unit dose manufacturer, American Health Packaging is registered with the FDA and fully adheres to cGMP guidelines. AHP is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to package Schedule II to IV controlled substances.


American Health Packaging

2550 John Glenn Avenue, Suite A

Columbus, OH 43206

TOLL-FREE: 800-707-4621

FAX: 614-492-0448

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