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GSL Solutions

GSL Solutions Inc’s technologies are founded by the marriage of the minds of an engineer, Steve Garrett and a pharmacist, Shelton Louie. Both understood from the very beginning that prescriptions are physical products and needed to be tracked physically. Further, they added the requirement that the technology they developed needed to track automatically, without repetitive scanning. These requirements led them to use RFID in their will call storage (IntelliCab™) and controlled substance (IntelliVault ™) systems.



-Eliminate diversion and shrink

-Replace pharmacist labor with technician labor

-Eliminate manual perpetual log

-ROI in as little as 1 year

REVOLUTIONARY Controlled Drug Storage, Prescription Filling, and Retrieval System

Just released in summer 2017, is the GSL IntelliVault™ for the stock storage and prescription filling of controlled medications (C2-C5). Like IntelliCab, IntelliVault is based on real-time RFID and integrates seamlessly with IntelliCab allowing for the tracking of controlled medications from receiving through sale. Efficiency in operations is achieved through an automated C2 log, 100% user accountability and pill tracking. Because of the automation, technicians can fill C2 prescriptions freeing pharmacists to focus on skilled pharmacist work.


The Leader in Will-Call Storage

The IntelliCab™ System combines standard RFID tags (affixed to our SmartBaskets) with GSL’s proprietary RFID readers, our unique lock-able electronic cabinet design, our three dimensional storage drawers, and our real time tracking software to make your will-call operation more accurate, more efficient, more professional, and much more profitable.

-No picking errors/HIPPA violations

-No bundling errors

-Unparalleled customer service

-100% access accountability (no more shrink)

-100% randomized filling (no more lost prescriptions)

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