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Guaranteed Returns

Partners you can trust. Performance you can measure. Guaranteed.

Since 1986, Guaranteed Returns® (GRx) has remained the leader and go-to source for Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution Services. GRx believes that pharmaceutical returns should be more than just physically returning expired products for a refund. It should also be about intelligence and measurable business performance. GRx goes beyond the basics to boost the pharmacy's bottom line.

Why Partner with GRx

1. Industry Experts – GRx leads the industry in servicing retail, specialty, hospital, health system, and long- term care pharmacies with the highest level of service and support.

2. Value Through Service – GRx’s primary goal is to bring financial optimization to the pharmacy and exceed its business goals.

3. Compliance – GRx is proactive in ensuring all pharmacy customers are compliant with federal, state and local requirements.

4. Advanced Analytics – GRx performs pharmacy business reviews which enables the customer to make smarter decisions about expired and underperforming inventory.

5. Commitment – GRx continues to reset the bar for accuracy and transparency in the reverse distribution industry.

6. Choices – GRx offers Mail-in programs or full On-site service programs by experienced, locally-based Regional Account Executives.

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