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Look Where We Can Go Together- QS/1 [VIDEO]

Look Where We Can Go Together- QS/1

From workflow to adherence and everything in between, the challenges of pharmacy owners are numerous – and in this ever-evolving industry, obstacles will only continue to appear. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a reliable problem-solver by your side. For 40 years, QS/1 has partnered and traveled with community pharmacists like Jeff Beck, owner of Steve’s Pharmacy in Cumberland, MD, helping his business remain efficient, compliant, and competitive.

NRx® – Starting the pharmacy management engine.

It’s a common story – Jeff began using RxCare Plus® more than 30 years ago after he bought his pharmacy. Then, he upgraded to NRx. “My experiences taught me that NRx was the way to go.”

Point-of-Sale – Priming the front end.

Community pharmacists pride themselves on customer service and adding QS/1’s POS to NRx provides the right solution. Staff can access data from any terminal in real time, and it’s invaluable for inventory control.

Health-Minder® and InstantFill® – Getting ahead of adherence.

Medication synchronization and compliance packaging have picked up speed. Jeff uses NRx tools like Health-Minder, and he’s seeing better Star Ratings and EQuIPP™ scores.® and mobileRx® – Reaching patients where they are.

Like any business, independent pharmacies need to be online. QS/1 can build your website and a mobile app for refills. We handle delivery, too – which Jeff knows has been good for customer service.

SystemOne® – Following different revenue paths.

Successful independent pharmacists often expand into HME/DME – oxygen, CPAP machines, hospital beds, and more. QS/1’s SystemOne, alone or in conjunction with NRx, handles all documentation required to bill Medicare Part B.

Interfaces – Increasing speed with more options.

QS/1 lets pharmacists use more third-party vendors than anybody else. Take an example from Jeff – he integrated NRx with an Eyecon® pill counter and cut staff hours from 8 to 2 during mandated drug inventories.

New SCRIPT Standard – All systems go.

NRx has been certified to send and receive electronic prescriptions using the new NCPDP® Standard. Pharmacists like Jeff can look forward to new data fields that share important patient health information.

Accelerate your success with QS/1.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of community pharmacists. Contact us today about how we can help accelerate your business goals.

From the word go, NRx – the industry’s most comprehensive retail pharmacy management system – has the tools that simplify workflow, manage inventory, increase adherence, get pharmacies mobile, and more. With emergency 24/7 customer service and nationwide hardware support, QS/1 can go with you, wherever you decide to go. We’re an employee-owned business, so for us it’s a family road trip.

Find out more about Steve’s Pharmacy at

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