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Turn Your Pharmacy Staffing Needs Into an Opportunity - Empire Pharmacy Consultants

Turn Your Pharmacy Staffing Needs Into an Opportunity - Empire Pharmacy Consultants

Empire Pharmacy Consultants provides temporary and permanent staffing for all pharmacy staffing positions. Each highly skilled staffing member that is provided by Empire Pharmacy Consultants has been fully vetted and prepared to take on the positions you need filled. For all pharmacy staffing needs contact Empire Pharmacy Consultants.

Empire Pharmacy Consultants is a proven leader in pharmacy business growth and providing qualified, vetted staffing. Pharmacy owners are typically busy, and it is difficult for them to place each area of their operations under the necessary “Business Growth” microscope. Savvy owners look for outside, expert professional assistance and many have utilized Empire Pharmacy Consultants for over 25 years.

Empire Pharmacy Consultants offers pharmacy professionals unique and rewarding career options, solidifying proper placement with pharmacy owners.

Empire Pharmacy Consultants provide Full Time, Part-Time, and PRN positions in many different practice settings for all levels and degrees of pharmacy professionals.

Save time and money by contacting the professional staffing solution of Empire Pharmacy Consultants

Empire Pharmacy Consultants and Staffing specialize in placing pharmacy personnel in: Hospital, Home Infusion, Long Term Care, Mail-order, Nuclear, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Teaching facilities.

Why partner with Empire Pharmacy Consultants and Staffing

Experience is acquired through implementation over an extended period. Empire Pharmacy Consultants was founded by Dr. Michael Chen PharmD, CPH. Dr. Chen has grown Empire into the number one staffing provider for pharmacy owners for over 25 years. Many clients need results quickly, and value the expedient process honed by Dr. Chen and his staff.

Utilizing Empire Pharmacy Consultants is an effective method for which to seize control over your business objective. You will find that when you are looking to fulfill a valuable staffing position, Empire is the first place to call upon. Their database is completely prepared to fulfill your needs. No longer is it necessary to invest valuable time searching through endless resumes and interviews. Turn your staffing problem into a solid opportunity by having Empire Pharmacy Consultants fulfill your staffing needs quickly!

Contact Empire Pharmacy Consultants for staffing questions or needs

Pharmacists / Technicians / Pharmacist Managers / Short Notice Coverage

Vacation Coverage / Temporary Placement / Permanent Placement / 24-7 Availability

First impressions of your pharmacy are typically represented by a staff member. It’s vital your staff represents your mission in every area! Don’t hesitate to find that critical staff member, contact Empire Pharmacy Consultants!

Email: / Phone: (855) 374-1029 / Fax: (855) 357-3557

Address: 8323 NW 12th Street, Ste 108  Doral, FL 33126

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