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Meet ProRxBrokers - Supporting Confident Pharmacy Acquisition

The steps to successfully purchasing a pharmacy are complicated and unique to the industry.  Specialized knowledge is key to finding the right situation at the best price, and it pays to find an experienced consultant who can guide you from the initial inquiry stage to finally opening the doors of your own pharmacy.

ProRxBrokers has more than 16 years of pharmacy acquisition experience to help you purchase any type of pharmacy, including retail, compounding, long-term care, and specialty pharmacies. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, ProRxBrokers can assist you in your search and purchase anywhere in the United States. 


About ProRxBrokers

ProRxBrokers provides operational consulting services leveraging extensive experience in all aspects of pharmacy operations. ProRxBrokers can maximize your business value and provide a variety of options to preserve your legacy. The pharmacy brokerage provides services to benefit both the buyer and the seller and to ensure the continuity of the pharmacy profession.

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