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Meet MedAvail - Automated Medication Dispensing Machines Are Here

Long pharmacy wait times and will-call lines are just a fact of life for pharmacists and their customers, right? Perhaps not anymore. A new option in the form of an ATM-like medication vending machine system may be changing the way some prescriptions are dispensed.

MedAvail’s Remote Dispensing System and MedCenter kiosk uses barcode-reading technology to safely and securely allow patients to skip the line and conveniently receive their prescription. The system adheres to regulations regarding remote dispensing, and a combination of automated, simultaneous visual checks allows pharmacists to confirm dispensing accuracy while reducing their workload. Available in kiosk, drive-thru, or walk-up configurations, the MedCenter dispensing units can fit in waiting rooms, hallways, lobbies, or outside pharmacy locations.


About MedAvail

MedAvail Inc. is the developer of the MedCenter automated dispensing and medication management technologies. The company designs and manufactures pharmacist-controlled automated prescription medicine dispensing vaults, similar in appearance to ATMs, intended for deployment in hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics, and other locations. The company integrates advanced robotics, two-way video teleconferencing, and a secure network for patients medical information to create a prescription medication dispensing system.

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