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Easy to Use and Even Easier to Learn
With guidance from pharmacists, we used the latest technology to make every process easier, faster, and more efficient. SharpRx works intuitively through touchscreen, keyboard, and mouse capabilities and offers extensive reporting through SQL-database architecture. SharpRx includes e-prescribing; price, prescriber, and clinical updates; drug images and imprints; PMP reporting; eligibility checking; prior authorization; third-party claims processing; rebate programs; warning labels; English and Spanish patient education; remote backup; and point-of-sale software.

Useful icons, fewer required keystrokes, and prominent search bars on every screen provide faster navigation and make multi-tasking easy. Built-in compliance measures alert you to any errors, and 
e-script details automatically populate the correlating fields on the prescription-intake screen. You can even enter a new patient’s information by scanning a driver’s license.

Smart Search Improves Efficiency
SharpRx includes smart-search technology to allow for keyword or partial information searches for prescriber, patient, medication, and more – from any screen. Relevant icons and a prominent search bar on every screen provide fast, easy access to the information you need, when you need it. Easily find prescriber records by entering all or part of the name, NPI number or DEA number of the doctor. Retrieving patient profiles, and those of family members, couldn’t be simpler. Household members are connected on the same screen for efficiency.

Packed with Productivity Tools 
An easy-to-use label and form generator allows drag-and-drop capabilities to create custom labels and forms without software support. SharpRx also works with the printers, scanners, and other equipment you already have. For customers that use multiple wholesalers, SharpRx makes it easy to submit the most cost-effective orders.

  • Developed by pharmacists for pharmacists
  • First touchscreen in a pharmacy management system
  • Third-party claims processing
  • Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) reporting
  • Eligibility checking (Change Healthcare®/ Emdeon® CardFinder™)
  • Prior authorizations (CoverMyMeds®)
  • Price updates
  • Clinical updates - Drug Images and Imprints
  • Prescriber updates
  • E-prescribing
  • Extensive reporting through SQL-database architecture

Designed with the busy pharmacist in mind, SharpRx helps you solve your pharmacy’s biggest challenges.

The Complete and Intuitive Pharmacy Management System

Complete and Flexible Pharmacy Management 
QS/1®’s NRx is a complete and flexible pharmacy management system designed to meet your pharmacy-specific needs. Process new prescriptions and refills quickly with minimal keystrokes or mouse clicks.

InstantFill® automatically queues IVR and web refills and prints labels. Our Pharmacy at a Glance dashboard displays all of your workflow queues and helps you pinpoint and eliminate potential bottlenecks. Our Health-Minder®reminder system can be used to improve adherence and track compliance issues to produce better outcomes. Integrated Medicare Part B Compliance Documentation tools prepare and print the required documentation during processing and stores it electronically for easy retrieval during an audit.

Enhance Your Business
Utilize automated phone, text, or email refill and pick-up reminders, inbound and outbound IVR,web refills, and smartphone apps for easy refills.Capitalize on programs, such as 340B, specialty medications, immunizations, nursing home/facility management and Medication Therapy Management (MTM). As your needs evolve, add capabilities such as:

  • PMP
  • Will Call Bin Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Document Imaging
  • CoverMyMeds® Prior Authorization
  • Eligibility checking (Change Healthcare®/ Emdeon® CardFinder™)
  • Health Market Science Electronic Prescriber Updates

NRx fully integrates with other QS/1 systems and services, including Point-of-Sale, SystemOne® for HME, IVR, Web Refill Services and Multi-Site Management (MSM™).

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