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Now is a Perfect Time to Purchase or Sell a Pharmacy - Empire Pharmacy Consultants

Now is a perfect time to purchase or sell a pharmacy!

Immediate response!

By placing your sale or purchase in the hands of Empire Pharmacy Consultants, you have assured success. Empire Pharmacy Consultants has a database of buyers and sellers of pharmacies. You will speed up your objectives by utilizing the experienced team of Empire Pharmacy Consultants. 

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Licensed Realtor specializing in the pharmacy business 

President, CEO, and Founder of Empire Pharmacy Consultants, Dr. Michael Chen PharmD, CPH., is a pharmacist and licensed realtor with more than 25 years of first-hand experience within pharmacy and business. Dr. Chen and his team have established relationships throughout the USA and abroad. While contemplating a sale or purchase for a pharmacy, there is no better resource than Empire Pharmacy Consultants.

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Get started by obtaining the correct information for your next step in buying or selling a pharmacy business 
Cash buyers are ready to purchase! Due to the many relationships developed over 25 years, Empire Pharmacy Consultants has a significant edge over others competing for your business. 

Sell within 30 days via our CASH BUYER program! Contact Empire now and sell your pharmacy in 30 days! 

The entire process of buying or selling a pharmacy has been made simple 
Empire Pharmacy Consultants understands that time equates to dollars and has refined the entire transfer process to a minimum. It is simple to purchase or sell a pharmacy when using Empire Pharmacy Consultants as your licensed Realtor! 

How will you know if the pharmacy you are considering is a good purchase? 
Empire Pharmacy Consultants prepares all the data you need in order to make an offer with confidence. Empire’s research and assessments of pharmacy businesses assures a buyer has all the info necessary to have confidence in their purchase. Consulting pharmacies for 25 years has provided much insight to every moving piece of a pharmacy business. There is NO GUESSWORK when utilizing Empire Pharmacy Consultants. 

How much is your pharmacy worth? 
Have Empire Pharmacy Consultants assess your business. Empire will provide you an accurate figure on the value of your pharmacy business. In addition to assessing your business value, Empire Pharmacy Consultants can provide a buyer for your pharmacy, making your transaction as smooth and simple as possible. 

Contact Empire Pharmacy Consultants 

Email: / Phone: (855) 374-1029 / Fax: (855) 357-3557 / 8323 NW 12th Street, Ste 108 Doral, FL 33126 

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