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RxAuditor Investigate, Leader in Drug Diversion Analytics - Medacist Solutions Group

RxAuditor Investigate, Leader in Drug Diversion Analytics

Medacist is the lead innovator in drug diversion analytics as evidenced by being granted the only U.S. patent for drug diversion. Medacist is a nationally recognized leader in Drug Diversion Analytics being selected a Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solution Provider in 2019. Our core initiative is to deliver actionable information to drive better patient safety outcomes. Hospitals across the U.S. have relied on our analytics suites to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce liability, and ensure patient safety. As the healthcare and technology fields evolve, Medacist is transforming alongside them. Medacist has combined an impeccable history of success with state-of-the-art technology in the next generation of world class drug diversion analytics with Genesis. The Genesis Analytics platform is built on a new engine quantified through a knowledge base comprised of over 21 years of industry exclusive ADS and EMR data from thousands of facilities across the country. This engine powers our machine learning algorithms developed to identify diversion pattern recognition, learned and confirmed by actual diversion events. Genesis will power an entire new suite of products leading with our first offering – RxAuditor Investigate. RxAuditor Investigate’s objective is to target risk, decrease false positives, and eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated to the diversion auditing process.


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