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Partner With the Industry Leader to Prevent Drug Diversion - Stericycle

Partner With the Industry Leader to Prevent Drug Diversion

Stericycle provides health care organizations – large and small – with industry-leading solutions and resources to stay compliant, safe, and sustainable while managing regulated waste streams. Our full-scale solutions were developed for our 1M+ customers to continually meet regulatory demands, industry advancements, and organizational growth, including Reusable Sharps Management Service which leverages our national network of trucks and technicians to proactively manage sharps containers, proven to reduce needle sticks; and our Pharmaceutical Waste Management Service including our award-winning Drug Take Back Kiosks and Seal&Send® Mail Back Envelopes are designed to protect the environment and mitigate the risk of drug diversion. Our services and compliance training help keep your organization, staff, and surrounding community safe and healthy. We protect what matters.


Stericycle, Inc.

2355 Waukegan Road

Bannockburn, IL 60015

TOLL-FREE: 844-374-2764

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