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Medicine-On-Time a CSS Health Co., Helping Pharmacies Improve Medication Adherence [VIDEO]

Medicine-On-Time a CSS Health Co., Helping Pharmacies Improve Medication Adherence

Improving patient health, made easier with MOTNext, CSS Health, and the Advanced Pharmacy Network (APN).

Company Background

Medicine-On-Time, A CSS Health Company, improves patient health through a unique combination of innovative technology, personal engagement and proven processes to help pharmacies achieve better performance and patients enjoy healthier lives. With MOT Complete and MOTNext pharmacies can simplify the preparation and packaging of complex medication regimens for patients, ensuring better medication adherence, higher PDC scores and improved pharmacy performance.

Product Overview

Medicine-On-Time and CSS Health serve the needs of our pharmacy and payor customers through a broad array of products and services including integrated patient management software for pharmacy workflow, medication compliance packaging designed to meet the unique needs of patients in any care setting, Medication Therapy Management, Comprehensive Medication Reconciliation, and comprehensive clinical review.

MOT Software (MOTNext)

MOTNext is a feature rich patient management and pharmacy workflow platform for your medication adherence program. Designed with the changing pharmacy landscape in mind, MOTNext helps pharmacies increase productivity with our work calendar and improve patient care with our customized patient medication packaging. MOTNext is the hub of the medication adherence program in your pharmacy, running all Medicine-On-Time package types on one simple software platform. MOTNext provides complete customization including charting forms for caregivers.

Innovative Products to Meet Your Pharmacy Needs

MOT Complete is the solution for any pharmacy, any patient, and any drug regimen. Highly customizable and powered by MOTNext, MOT Complete empowers patients and caregivers through easy-to-use dose cups and supporting charting forms.

Our new MOT Color Coded Time Pass Single Dose Medication Compliance Cards are designed to work in conjunction with MOT Complete Multi-Dose Packaging. Save time and money when mid cycle additions require another package to be added to the patient’s regimen. An excellent choice for prescriptions that you prefer to package individually.

CircuPack driven by MOTNext is a semi-automated packaging system designed to increase pharmacy productivity and accuracy when managing medication regimens and dispensing in medication compliance cards. Easy to use for all patients and caregivers. The CircuPack Reminder App with QR code scanning will remind patients and caregivers to take or dispense medications via a notification sent to a smartphone.

Our expanding line of single dose medication cards now includes a single dose SynMed card, an affordable option designed with superior pressure sensitive materials. If you have a SynMed and are packaging single dose cards on it, Call MOT for a test sample.

Proven Success*

Compliance packaging has been shown to improve patient performance. In a recent study conducted with Pharmacy First, a Pharmacy Services Administration Organization (PSAO), pharmacies using MOT Complete saw an increase in PDC rates of 30.2% in their lowest performing patients. Read the full study here:

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

-PDS SuperConference – February 27-29, 2020

-McKesson IdeaShare – July 12-16, 2020

-Amerisource ThoughtSpot – July 22-25, 2020

-NCPA Annual Meeting – October 17-20, 2020

Contact Information

For more information on how Medicine-On-Time improves patient care, saves time for staff, and improves pharmacy profitability, contact your Medicine-On-Time specialist at (800) 722-8824. For information about CSS Health and the Advanced Pharmacy Network, contact Tori Pearson, Director of Pharmacy Programs and Networks, (816) 867-4563.

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