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Pharmacists Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty During COVID-19


Pharmacists are among the most accessible healthcare professionals in the country. So much so that 90% of Americans live within a 5 mile radius of a community pharmacy. Pharmacists are the medication experts we rely on to provide patient care in various environments—from clinics, community pharmacies, and hospitals to medical homes & physician offices.

In the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic pharmacists are fighting on the frontline more than ever before. While the world watches and waits in the safety of their homes, pharmacists daily brave the unknown to care for those in need. It’s important to be encouraged by the help and hope they’re bringing to the masses who depend on them.



While the national healthcare system is increasingly under strain and pressure, our pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare service providers during the COVID-19 outbreak. And as always, they make patient care a priority.

This is heightened even more in rural and underserved communities where there aren’t enough physicians. Pharmacists are the ones who can, and do, communicate with these patients.

Pharmacists are trained to respond to patient needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re stepping up to treat patients with less severe ailments. This enables greater volumes of high risk COVID-19 patients to be attended to in overflowing clinics and hospitals.


Going above and beyond their call of duty, pharmacists are assisting those in need. Their dedication in this time doesn’t go unnoticed.  They’re on the frontlines —in retail, long term care, specialty and hospitals—but urge the public to stay at home for them.



Amidst the frenzy of frantic customers, long lines, and panic purchasing, pharmacists are staying calm & cool. They’re limiting and monitoring their supplies per patient. They’re ensuring patients are receiving adequate quantities of medicine so as not to empty the shelves.

While various changes have come into effect during this pandemic period, they’re all for the good of serving the community. Pharmacists are adapting their hours, skipping lunch breaks and working longer shifts. They’re allocating more time to cleaning their facilities. Some are even offering drive through options. All of this with the public’s health and safety in mind.

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