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The Most Innovative Single-Use Seals in Hospital Pharmacy Today - Allied Pharmacy Products [VIDEO]


The Most Innovative Single-Use Seals in Hospital Pharmacy Today 

-IV Port Bag Seals

-Vial Seals

-Check Out Our NEW Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal®

-Sterile & Paper Free (USP 797 Compliant).

-Maintains a 100% sterile barrier* with 3X greater adhesion.

-Helps prevent contamination of drugs and provides added protection to pharmacists.

-Will not fall off, even in cold storage conditions (down to -20 degrees centigrade).

-Patented dual-layer indicates true tamper-evidence, with “OPENED” marking.

-Cost-effective, allows pharmacy to recycle medication and protects patients from dosing errors.

-Dispensing and application training videos available on our website to help with JCAHO training.

-Available in major wholesalers and distributors.

Visit our website to learn more:

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