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Encore Life | Practitioner Exclusive, Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Company [Video]

Company Background 

With over eight decades of pharmaceutical experience, the Encore Life team offers a trustworthy resource for top-quality, professional-grade products in an industry still in its infancy. Established in 2016, Encore Life offers an unmatched line of oral, sublingual, topical, and transdermal products with a continuous R&D process for further innovation. Encore Life is the only practitioner exclusive, pharmacist-formulated CBD company in the United States. We are committed to protecting the practitioner/patient relationship. We will not sacrifice the importance of this relationship by offering our products through any other sales channel. 

Product Overview 

HEMP OneThirteen by Encore Life is a line of premium wellness products derived from agricultural hemp, available in sublingual, oral, topical, and transdermal dosage forms. Our broad-spectrum hemp oil is extracted using an eco-friendly, solvent-free, non-chemical CO2 extraction process. Extensive third-party laboratory testing procedures verify the concentration of the product as well as the absence of any chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides. Certificates of Analysis are available on every lot of Encore Life products. 

Topical Products

 Smooth S.C.R.: Our innovative Smooth S.C.R. gel is formulated with a luxurious pharmaceutical gel base. Infused with humectants, antioxidants, and other specialty ingredients, Smooth S.C.R. deeply conditions the skin, while utilizing silicone occlusive sheeting to shield the application site from irritants and promote healing. The 30-gram pump contains 3 mg CBD per gram of gel. 

Soothing Stick: Our convenient, mess-free applicator delivers a specially formulated array of all-natural fatty acids to offer quick relief directly to the sites of pain and inflammation. Once applied, you will immediately feel the cooling effects of peppermint and menthol. Long lasting, soothing, and convenient. The 3-ounce stick contains 4 mg CBD per gram of salve. 

Soothe Cream: Experience all-natural relief with our pharmaceutical grade Soothe Cream. Our proprietary blend of essential oils work to deliver an immediate cooling sensation when applied, and long-lasting targeted therapy as the fast absorbing transdermal liposomal cream penetrates to the deep tissue layers. Available in 30-gram and 60-gram pumps, Soothe Cream contains 10 mg CBD per gram of cream. 

Oral Products 

25 mg Softgel: Our 25 mg softgels are the most convenient way to get your consistent daily dose of CBD. Each softgel contains a complex of broad-spectrum hemp material synergized with beta-caryophyllene and MCT oil, assisting in greater absorption within the gut and small intestine. Available in 10, 30, and 60 count bottles. 

Liposomal 300: Utilizing the latest technology, our Liposomal 300 features optimized bioavailability with absorption rates up to five times greater than standard delivery methods. Liposomes encapsulate the hemp oil molecules, promoting immediate absorption the moment they hit the mouth so your body can receive its daily dose faster than ever before. Each 0.5 mL serving contains 5 mg of CBD. 

Hemp Oil Tincture: Our concentrated tincture boasts several naturally occurring phytocannabinoids and terpenes. This unflavored oil contains no additives for a truly natural wellness regimen. Available in 0.5 oz and 1 oz bottles, this oil tincture contains 25 mg CBD per 1 mL serving. 

PRO Tincture: Our PRO series oil tinctures provide the highest concentration of CBD with your choice of 1500 mg or 3000 mg for the most efficient sublingual delivery. This formula contains a proprietary phytocannabinoid and terpene blend for a truly unique therapeutic effect. The PRO 1500 contains 25 mg CBD per 0.5 mL serving, and PRO 3000 contains 25 mg CBD per 0.25 mL serving. 

Why Encore Life? 

Encore Life is the only practitioner exclusive, pharmacist-formulated CBD company in the United States. We value the practitioner/patient relationship and will not sacrifice the importance of this relationship by offering our products through any other sales channel, under our brand or a separate B2C brand. We offer the highest-quality professional grade products available on the market. We have aligned ourselves with the best growers and extractors in the industry, and each partner has undergone our extensive vendor qualification process. No other CBD company can compare to the breadth of our product offering. Our innovative product line is formulated by a compounding pharmacist utilizing only the purest professional grade ingredients and pharmaceutical bases. We provide COAs on every lot. Product labels accurately reflect CBD content in the entire bottle and in each serving. We don’t inflate this number with oil content or additional cannabinoids present, so your patient knows exactly how much CBD is in each dose. 

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