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Hemp, CBD & Girl Power

Hemp, CBD & Girl Power


Did you know that the female hemp plant produces more oil than the male plant? Talk about girl power! As an all-female team we love this fact! But, what we love even more is the ability to offer pharmacy customers safe, third-party tested CBD products for both adults and pets.

With Farmer’s Daughter Hemp, we grow hemp organically, and then process and bottle our products in Kentucky, following the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

It’s important to us to educate customers on CBD, while offering the best products in their purest form. That’s why we monitor the entire process and know what’s going into each product, from start to finish. We grow hemp organically in our Kentucky fields using a pesticide-free farming method. We believe so much in the potential benefits of CBD that we take it too! So we want to ensure we’re all taking the best of the best.

Before reaching you or your customers, a third party, ISO-accredited lab tests each batch to ensure you receive CBD with no contaminants. GMP facilities produce the CBD by using a CO2 extraction method which is solvent-free. Our pharmacy partners know they’re getting the purest CBD products for their customers.

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