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National Pharmacy Acquisition Specialists

National Pharmacy Acquisition Specialists

Selling your pharmacy is one of the most important events in your life, both professionally and personally. It is a complicated process that involves many difficult decisions. For most owners, their pharmacy is their biggest personal asset. We know you have invested years and a lot of yourself in your pharmacy. We also understand your commitment to your patients and customers. It is important you get the financial compensation you have earned.

In mergers and acquisitions it is important to understand confidentiality, and how perceived changes may affect employees and customers. Washburn & Associates is a professional company who respects Pharmacy Seller’s concerns. We only work with qualified buyers and do not provide client information to those who are not serious about buying or expanding their pharmaceutical business.

Stress-Free Pharmacy Sales Practices

-We give you an accurate total business value of your pharmacy.

-We have pre-qualified buyers ready to purchase pharmacies.

-We handle all contract negotiations between you and the buyer.

-We will work with your accountant to minimize your unique tax issues.

-We will assist in notifications to the DEA and Board of Pharmacy.

Know What to Expect when Selling your Pharmacy

The Washburn & Associates Pharmacy Selling Process

-We provide you with the necessary confidentiality agreements so you will be assured that all information is secure.

-We work with you to produce a detailed analysis of your pharmacy which will provide you with an accurate total business valuation.

-We will find a qualified buyer who is interested in purchasing a pharmacy in your area.

-We handle all negotiations between you and the pharmacy buyer.

-Any lease assumptions and possible employment contracts will be discussed at this time.

-A Letter of Interest is produced, which proposes the terms and conditions of the sale. At this point all parties will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the sale.

-A Purchase & Sale Agreement is produced by the buyer stating Terms and Conditions of the sale.

-Once you approve all Terms and Conditions of the Purchase & Sale Agreement it will be ready for all necessary signatures.

-When closing documents have been approved an inventory will be taken on the day of closing. At this time, the price will be adjusted to reflect inventory changes.

-After all liens have been cleared, the remaining funds will be transferred to your account

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